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Front end Development

It is a consumer interface and the most critical part of business. We are skilled to build an engaging, interactive user experiences for you.

Back end Development

Our experts with core computational logic of a website, software, information system databases, API Integration, data and application integration helps us build fast, scalable and secure products for you.


We expertise in all WordPress customization and Mobile responsive theme development which are optimized, fast and secure. We also expertise, in developing custom plug-in.

Mean Stack development

Modernize your web applications with MEAN Stack Application Development Services by using modern and intuitive web application with mongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js and Node.js

Digital Marketing

Online promotion is essential for companies that want to make, their business websites, an important source to acquire new customers or drive revenue. Our expert team in SEO, SMM, SMO and Google Analytics is ready to take the responsibility.


Whatever design tool you prefer - Sketch, Photoshop, AI - we will convert your design to a modern and functional front-end.


Let us deal with the complexity of the modern front-end development and create amazing website and user experience for you..


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What makes us different

How do we go further? We question a lot, and everything under the sun. The idea is to make the mechanisms move to our tunes tagging better evolutions, integrations and accessories on the way. We do twist and turn our organic raw ruthlessly and then let the finals out. The cycle runs at a great speed-look into the issues, existing solutions, better them, club in new updates and so on.We take turns at different tools, mix-and-match several compatibles and adapt. Energy is not a constraint though at times we face time-crunches.Fresh perspectives are always welcome. All this together leads us to critically evaluated, tough implementations and resolved challenges.

A complete, thorough and optimized outlook- it’s a demand and we love it. We have already been there and done that. To start with, we look at the entire show and freeze on our part of job. We are always looking for a chance to make an absolute impact in our works. We want to fit in the plan perfectly. Comprehensive skill-set, complementary infrastructure, matching group of enthusiastic, innovative and persistent web architects add to make up our strengths.

Let’s talk about your needs and challenges. We might surprise you with our inputs. You won't find yourself stranded, and that's a promise.

Do you want to experience a team which is same as "a huge set of tuned-in skilled-talent working as a single unit"?We are proud to have one with us.

We are absolute nerds for technology.Its time you know that our mindsets are adjusted to agile processes and our chores are handled likewise.This is our way to grow as a firm. This is also our way to let the individual grow steadily.

We are always putting up a coherent show for the onlookers. When things get rolling, parts are quickly aligned to the respective expertise and refined teams come into existence.

Web world is constantly evolving.After the mad electronic mania the web technology has been the largest innovation to have touched our lives like crazy. There is no way out without training. We keep on getting updated with the latest in line.

We learn, we apply, and we perfectly fit the jigsaw puzzle deep and fine. This, then works as a step towards solving another maze.

Training at Stark Digital begins from day one. Our training department comes up with all sorts of ploys to make us train and give our best. That's our training department, our driver.