WP YouTube Embed Plugin

WP YouTube Embed Plugin

This plugin allows you to search YouTube/Vimeo videos based on keyword you enter and insert it into post or page using wordpress embed shortcode. Find Video icon on post/page visual editor after installation.

How to install :

  1. Upload wp-embed-youtube.zip to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

Note : For this plugin you require to enable php_openssl and curl setting in your php.ini file or contact your server administrator to install / enable it.

Frequently asked questions :

1.How can I seacrh and add a video?

  •  a) Click on Add New or edit of page or post in your WordPress admin panel.
  •  b) Click on Video icon in Visual editor button.
  •  c) Select the Vimeo tab if you wish videos from Vimeo. Default is for Youtube.
  • d) Enter the keyword into input box and click on search.

2. Can I add height and width?

Yes, you can specify height and width which is optional. It also allows you to set a maximum (but not fixed) width and height.

Download Plugin

Screenshots :

Video icon on editor to search and insert video into post or page.

When user click on Video icon button.

Actual video search along with search parameter for the youtube.

Actual video search along with search parameter for the vimeo.

About the author

  • sajid

  • http://Website jenny

    This is very useful plugin good work..

    • Madhuri Rathod

      Thank you jenny.

    • http://Website jass

      I am getting “It seem that php_openssl is disabled on your server. Please contact your server administrator to install / enable php_openssl.” this error ,Suggest me solution for this.

      • Madhuri Rathod

        Solution for this is extension=php_openssl.dll add this to php.ini in the “Dynamic Extensions” section or contact your server administrator to install / enable php_openssl.

  • http://www.ozgurhaber.org haber

    Thanks. love this plugin.

    • Madhuri Rathod

      Thank you haber.

  • http://Website Andrew

    Hi, can you provide an example using a shortcode search?

    • Amit

      You can search video by clicking on Youtube icon button in editor. After selecting & inserting video you can see short code like following :

      [embed width="123" height="456"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ[/embed]

  • http://howtoeasilymakemoney.com ckcbolster

    This is one of the best time saving plugins for WordPress that I have came across. It makes it so easy to search for videos to add to any blog. Thanks.

  • http://autoperspectives.com Cameron mcnaughton

    I am trying to change the size of the embeded player. What values do i put in the height and width. I’ve tried millimeters and inches.

    I’m obviously doing something wrong!


    • sajid

      Cameron, you don’t need to put any values(millimeters, inches). Just put width and height in numbers only.

  • http://www.cadymcclain.com Cady

    When I use this feature, the video a) does something to my post address so that it doesn’t show up as an individual post. Example: http://cadymcclain.com/1709/
    b) doesn’t show the video OR a link to the video in the email blast
    Can you help? Thank you.

  • http://radio.reynoldstocks.com Stephen Liu

    searching doesn’t work. Clicking “search” without response

    WP 3.6
    child theme

    • sajid

      Try to update plugin. We have resolved the bug with the new wp version.

  • Ckcbolster

    This a great time saving tool Thanks for sharing.

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