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What is "DevOps Technology" & its Benefits to the Organization.

August 26, 2017 | Samadhan Jagtap |


How do you describe DevOps Technology? One objection about DevOps is that “it’s so difficult to explain to others”. I think part of the reason behind that “DevOps” is a thoughtful concept as well as an essential change in the way IT will be done as we move forward in the 21century. DevOps is currently building a group of best practices and procedures, which should come together with the philosophy as the concept matures over time.

DevOps = Development + IT operations. DevOps uses to build cooperation between software developers and testing professionals for establishing a better communication bond to correct errors instantly and making required changes in the development to provide non-stop delivery. DevOps includes the process of designing, deploying, testing, automating, monitoring on a permanent basis.

DevOps is a set of process that reduces time to market without compromising quality. DevOps is a systematic approach relies on combined effort between development, operations, and Quality Assurance, through the complete project life cycle that leads to Agility and constant improvement.

Use of DevOps:

The most important parts of DevOps are to reduce isolated development environment, reduce tasks which are not adding worth to the business and the way this is achieved by close cooperation and communication between all of the stakeholders, complete automation of the build, deploy and infrastructure provisioning practice.

Benefits of DevOps Technologies to the organization:

Now how it is noteworthy to the organizations, let’s see if they must it or not…

•       Increased business agility – This helps the organizations to be in pace with the dynamic market, Organizations definitely want it.

•       Reduced time to market cycle – No one likes to wait and some go to our competitor as well, they now need products and feature faster than ever, and Organizations definitely want it...

•       Reduced cost of quality - Are you still test physically? You sure to lose your job but DevOps can help as it is all about automation let it is a task or a process and Organizations definitely want it...

•       Increased quality and self-confidence in coding – No one wants to spend another month or two in incorporating a new requirement from customer and DevOps can help you in doing it quickly and hence Organizations definitely want it...

•       Increased Productivity – We all desire to use our resources to their finest level and so Organizations definitely want it...

•       Reduced cost – Is there any business in the world which will not like these two words… and hence Organizations definitely want it.

•       Increase in customer satisfaction – A satisfied customer always means a lot for business and that’s the reason Organizations want it...

•       Increased Application / Product Delivery up-time – Everyone hates downtime and DevOps can make it easy on up-time and so Organizations want it.

Which means DevOps provides the benefits which we all require in today are marked and a person who is good in that will definitely be very much in demand and will enjoy and fruitful career. The Organizational productivity can be simply increased with trending DevOps tools and techniques to increase high customer satisfaction.

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