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Best Platforms to Build your E-Commerce Online Store

October 22, 2018 | Stark Digital |


Congratulations! Your search for E-Commerce development platform ends right here. We are there for you to help you choose the e-commerce platforms for your online store. We often come across lots of questions from clients as well as from surroundings, which e-commerce platform to opt for when it comes to E-Commerce development platforms. One of our clients was in a big dilemma to choose a platform for his enterprise e-commerce store. This leads me to write an article and help you all with some of the best e-commerce development platforms. As always the increasing competition and growing online business had lead companies to try something new to their online stores. To match the competition one has to aim to capitalize upon mobile and social e-commerce trends. Keeping in mind the growing business and trends of e-commerce we have classified the best e-commerce platforms one can use to build their online store.


Shopify focuses on mobile and social media shopping and it has over 3,25000 active online shops. Shopify continues to meet its involvement in growing requirements and trends of e-commerce.

Benefits of Shopify are:

- Awesome Add-on Apps:

Shopify has many amazing apps that you can install and download in your store to introduce new functionality. They have the most available apps in their app store.

- You have over 100 themes to choose upon

- They serve with the mobile-friendly shopping cart

- It has different packages ranging from $29 to $299/Month


Magento is often considered as the leader of e-commerce platforms. This platform is always preferred as one of the best e-commerce platforms for enterprise-level stores. You can see one-fourth of the market share Magento as their e-commerce platform.

Benefits of using Magento:

- It is an Open Source Platform

- About 9000+ extensions to scale business.

- Extension for Social e-commerce to let you sell your products on social media

- Built-in High-end features.

Would not recommend Magento for beginners as its setup is too complicated.


With its initialization in 2009, it has now over 55000 online stores and is growing as one of the best e-commerce software providers. You can customize BigCommerce slightly but lacks total control like Shopify.

Benefits of BigCommerce:

- Amazing built-in features like coupons, shopping tax, newsletters and much more.

- There is no transaction fee.

- You can integrate your store with social media like Facebook, Google, eBay, and much more sites.


WooCommerce is a Plugin of WordPress so you cannot use it without WordPress. But it is highly used nowadays.

Benefits of WooCommerce:

- It offers ultimate customizability

- Using actions, filters and so to change functionality is much simple and efficient.

- As is it WordPress plugin you can avail all the goodies that come with WordPress

- Have access to millions of themes and plugins to meet your exact requirements.

5.Wix Stores:

Wix is originally a website builder that allows you to create websites via drag and drop (read our detailed review). On top of that, it also has features that allow you to build an online store.

-The platform is simple to use and quick to set up.

-No coding required.

-Drag content anywhere on your site with the user-friendly editor.

- Have over 500 templates specifically made for online stores and even provide stock images you can use right away.

- Fully featured shopping cart with all the functionality you need.

-Wix is not a pure e-commerce platform, it's first and foremost a website builder that is also capable of selling things.

-You can’t change your site template once you have published your site, which is a big drawback.

- It's most suitable for small businesses

If you are looking for customized e-commerce platforms? We are coming up with a solution soon. Stay tuned with us for the customized e-commerce solution for the online store.

So what do you think which two platforms are best for e-commerce online store? For me they are Magento and WooCommerce are the platforms to be used for best ECommerce development services. Let me know your thoughts on same in the comment box below. Happy online Browsing!

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