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Brand is Much More Than A Logo

September 14, 2017 | Yogesh Shah |


When it comes to the word Brand the first thing comes to our mind is the company or a product or services which are sold under the particular Brand name. So is the Logo when it comes to logo, it represents its respective Brand.

Brand Awareness creates more importance in the minds of the people as compared to the Logo. Logo is the visual representation of the Brand. The Logo can be in a pictorial representation, texts, images, various shapes like structure etc. Brand is the term which distinguishes its features from its competitors in the eyes of buyers.

The Logo can be a face of the Brand instead of the company. When you see a particular logo it represents the Brand of the company.

As an example:

  1. When we see a half eaten Apple on a Mobile phone it represents the iPhone.
  2. If we see 4 connected rings logo on the car, it represents the Audi Automobile Company.

Brand is known as most valuable asset for the company. The Brand is used to represent the company by its representation of the respective Logo. The Brand awareness for a Company is the most important thing to create a public image. The goal of every company is to create a strong brand name in the hearts of the consumers. The Brand designs its Logo to deliver its message to the people regarding the origin, facts or history about the company which will create brand awareness in the market.

Every logo is designed with a meaning which tells something about the Brand or the Company. Logo also helps to attract the customers by having different variants of designs and visual aspect for the Brand product.

It is not mandatory that the logo should be very complicated to display how big the brand is, but it can be very simple and eye catchy for the people to create a master stroke in the mindset of the people.

To sum up the context “Brand is much more than a logo” A Big Brand with respect to logo is important for every business growth and gain more customers to generate business.

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