Building Cloud Based Billing Software For Insurance Claim Processes



Devdent, a dental-focused organization is passionate about the dental industry’s potential in healthcare. They noticed a gap in managing the insurance claim process in dental practices.

Dentists needed help with paperwork, billing, insurance claims etc. Regulatory compliance, like HIPAA, added further complexity to the process.


The client wanted a solution that automates the insurance claiming process, paperwork, billing, etc.


Building Secure Cloud-Based Software

As the client required a solution that automates all paperwork and is accessible to all, we proposed cloud-based software to them.

We build Imagn Billing software, a comprehensive medical billing software for insurance claim processes.

This software helps dentists and patients access all information from anywhere, bringing ease and transparency to the processes.

Tech stack UseAngular, cloud computing, and data analytics.

Key features

  • Dental to Medical Cross-Coding
  • Real-Time Case Updates
  • Direct Clearinghouse Connection
  • Imagn Billing Service
  • Access to Imagn Billers with Active Chat
  • Gap Exceptions for Pre-Authorization


Dental practices experience a transformative shift in medical billing insurance.

  • Increased Real-Time Medical Billing Updates

    Enabled dental practices to stay informed with real-time updates, improving accuracy and efficiency in the billing process.

  • Reduced Patient Costs

    Achieved a 40% reduction in patient costs, making treatments more affordable and accessible.

  • Increased Practice Revenue

    Streamlined billing processes and higher case acceptance rates resulted in an increase of 60% in revenue with 100+ million dollars of successful claims for dental practices.

  • Reduced Administrative Burden

    Automated paperwork and streamlined processes, leading to significant reductions in administrative tasks for dental staff.

  • Minimized Paperwork

    Transitioned from manual to digital documentation, significantly cutting down on paperwork and related errors.

  • Enhanced Case Acceptance

    Improved transparency and real-time updates led to higher patient trust and acceptance of treatment plans.

  • Better Patient Outcomes and Satisfaction

    Comprehensive and timely treatment combined with efficient insurance claiming led to improved patient satisfaction and outcomes.