Bringing the Manufacturing Industry closer by offering a bidding platform that facilitates buyers and sellers.


Client requirement


  • The client wanted an auction website that enabled global vendors to sell and purchase new as well as used industrial machinery online, eliminating the need of visiting offline stores.
  • Offering the clients the requirement that he asked for wasn’t a simple road to success. There were several roadblocks and speed breakers to overcome. Our delivery team had to pull up their socks to understand the demand and deliver results accordingly.

Our solution


This was a website that demanded more than it displayed. Our designers and developers dedicatedly worked on the project to come up with a solution that worked wonders for the clients and their customers.

  • We had built the website from scratch keeping in mind the dynamic need of the client. Considering the fact that the customers are with global vendors and manufacturing companies, we had no option but to come up with a solution to develop a user interface that facilitated both their needs successfully.
  • From the last, the goal was to make it user-friendly by offering seamless navigation. Each webpage included detailed content like product description, seller information, bid, and date of the event. This helped the buyers to choose conveniently.
  • The website demanded dynamic features to facilitate the needs of the buyers and vendors alike, specifically the payment option. Our developers integrated a payment gateway that allowed the buyers to pay directly to the system, ensuring the amount is in escrow till the order is delivered, eliminating the chances of chaos.
  • We have simplified the concept of event date representation by introducing an auction calendar, wherein buyers and sellers can conveniently see the bidding dates and mark their calendars for the upcoming events, and get notified of the same.
  • We enhanced the entire website by reducing its loading speed and increasing the session time on the auction page. This has helped the website to flourish threefolds.


project highlight


  • Notifications: As an auction website for buyers and sellers, it was a necessity to send out notifications informing the buyers of the upcoming events.
  • Wishlist: This webpage has offered buyers an option to keep an upcoming auction event on the wishlist, wherein the buyer can mark an upcoming auction/event for future bidding.
  • Website optimization: We needed to optimize the website to ensure more traffic and session time for the potential buyers and sellers along with the speed. We developed a responsive website for mobile, desktop, and tablet.
  • Live Auction: The client requested a webpage that is especially dedicated to Live auctions. This helped the buyers to bid and select their particular rates.
  • Auction Calendar: The auction calendar was an essential requirement of the client. It would help the buyer and vendors to see the upcoming events while choosing which machinery they would like to purchase.

final accomplishment


  • Stark Digital Media Services offered the client an optimized website that not only served a spectrum of vendors and sellers but also provided a range of options that enhanced their user experience. The challenges faced were worth overcoming as innumerable vendors and buyers are relishing the services of the bidding platform.

happy client


John B. White

Stark Digital Media Services have provided us an enhanced website. Since then it has simplified the process of auctioning machines online. I am sure it has optimized client experience as well. It was an amazing experience to work with Stark Digital and team.

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