Approx 30%-50% Of The increase in Revenue Through the Online Ticket Booking Platform For the Zoological Park.



Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park and Wildlife Research Center is a well-established zoological park. Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park faced overcrowding and long queues due to increased visitor numbers, leading to environmental concerns with paper ticketing. They aimed for a solution to streamline ticketing, reduce queues, and minimize paper usage.


Build an Online Ticketing Platform with an Integrated QR Code Feature

After evaluating client challenges, Stark Digital proposed a ticket booking platform solution with QR code functionality. With the leverage of NodeJs and React, we have built an online platform that allows the customer to choose a suitable time slot to visit the zoo park.

QR code feature aids in cashless payment, quick ticket booking and paperless ticketing.

This online platform includes a system to detect duplicate entries on the same ticket, ensuring fair access and efficient gate management.

Key Features

  • QR Code Scanning
  • Cashless payment
  • Paperless Ticketing
  • Gate ticket Scanning


The implementation of the online ticketing app has significantly improved the visitor experience at Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park.

A few of the remarkable outcomes of our platform

  • Enhanced Visitor Experience
  • Reducing the queues and paperless ticketing enhances operational efficiency.
  • Seamless entry and cashless transactions make the visiting process convenient for visitors.
  • Customer visit response increases by 30 to 50%, which helps in the increase in revenue of the zoo.
  • QR code scanning at the gate passes reduces the chances of duplicate entries or double entries and makes visits safe and efficient.
  • Online ticket booking platforms become one of the great initiatives for environmental sustainability as they minimize paper usage.