Witness how a Leading Manufacturing and Related Supplies Solution Provider Climbed the Ladder of Success by Optimizing their Website and Enhancing User Experience by 80%.


Client requirement


  • The client’s 36-year old company’s online presence has helped several manufacturers compare different machinery, services, and costs in detail. The client wished to transform its overall online representation by optimizing its pre-existing website.
  • The website’s user interface wasn’t user-friendly and up-to-date due to which there was a requirement for additional personnel for sales and customer support.

Our solution


A lot had to be considered before optimizing the client’s pre-existing website, therefore, the developer and designer had to pull out all the stops to offer the website the performance it presents today.

  • We optimized the entire look of the website by designing a new interface and adding content. Including new content has helped the website to perform 55% better than before.
  • We improved the page speed in order to increase the session time of the potential customers visiting the website. This has exponentially increased the online purchase rate by 35%.
  • We offered dynamic filters and additional tabs to optimize the user experience and easy navigation. Now clients can simply read through the details and select the best-fit machinery for their business.
  • Stark introduced a Financial EMI calculator for their customers to choose a plan suitable for their pocket. We successfully eliminated the need for human interference by introducing an EMI calculator.
  • By providing the right Call-to-Action tabs on every page, customers on the website could easily navigate and purchase the machinery they were looking for.
  • By optimizing the overall website, we could increase user engagement by 45% giving our client a hike in online purchases.


project highlight


  • Update the Website: The client’s website required a revamp. The website was designed to optimize the user experience and increase the user traffic and session time on the website.
  • Add Features to the Existing Website: Additional features include a financial calculator, separate navigation tabs, optimized content, and robust filters.
  • Appoint an On-team Developer (Resource Augmentation): Considering the client was non-technical, an on-team developer was an essential requirement for the client. Thus, a developer particularly worked for the client as a consultant whenever necessary.

final accomplishment


  • Stark Digital Media Services have successfully optimized the website of the client, offering their customers a simple user interface for easy navigation. The client has been facing issues when it comes to engaging customers, maintaining online traffic, and easy and secure payments. We ensured that their customers could purchase heavy machinery online seamlessly.

happy client


Ruth Brown

The team of Stark Digital Media Services offered what they promised – a website that’s optimized for better customer experience – It has done wonders for us. Great Work team! We appreciate the hard work and effort you all have put in. Keep it up!

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