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Differences of Static and Dynamic Websites

September 11, 2017 | Stark Digital |


There are plenty of websites on internet today. We cannot immediately tell whether a website is static or dynamic. But some of the websites look simple and are for small business without whistles and bells they are actually static websites. Static websites can only be updated manually by someone with knowledge of development. Static websites are cheapest to develop and host this is why many smaller companies still use static website for their web presence.

Let us take a look at Pros and Cons of Static Website:


  1. Easy and Quick to Develop
  2. Cost Effective Development
  3. Cost Effective Hosting


  1. Need to have strong web development knowledge to update the website
  2. Not much useful for users
  3. Content can get stagnant


Dynamic websites costs you more when compared to static websites but gives website owner the ability to simply update the website with ease. Dynamic website includes CMS like WordPress development , Joomla development and much more that are very easy to access and understand. One can easily upload content and document on to site when needed.


  1. Functional Websites
  2. Easier to Update
  3. Content freshness attracts visitors towards the website
  4. Team and users can collaborate and work together


  1. Expensive To Develop
  2. Hosting Costs Little More

As the advantages of dynamic sites are getting a limelight the more and more people are now opting of dynamics websites.  Dynamic websites can make the most of your site and either use it as a tool or create a professional, interesting experience for your visitors. I hope you have found the blog useful. Comment you suggestion if any. Your suggestions are always welcome.

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