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“Enlarging” the Horizons

November 29, 2017 | Anuja Panse |


In today’s competitive world where the self-sufficient Gen Y has immense capability to learn independently & produce fantastic outputs all by themselves; one might want to wonder why & how teamwork is an unsaid need of the hour?

Well, to answer that - Teamwork stands as a pillar in any environment, be it in campus or corporate! One might not be able to incorporate the essence of all. And as it is rightly said, multiple inputs towards a common cause blend well!

Keeping this concept in mind, we at Stark recently helped our witty & enthusiastic developers understand better the true essence of teamwork (provided it’s implemented the smart way)!

Here’s presenting to you a bite from our most enjoyed activity - “ENLARGEMENT”!

In a nutshell, this activity was focused on preaching the active employees of Stark few management lessons.

So how did it work? Well, we had 8 teams put to enlarge small portions of a bigger picture, ‘separately’.
At the end of the activity the smaller portions were clubbed together to get the giant picture.

What was the result - A perfect blend or a mismatch? Well, there’s where the whole essence of the activity lies. A perfect blend reflects a perfect co-ordination between the teams; whereas a mismatch reflects the lack of interaction & collaboration between the teams.

The learning doesn’t limit here though. It gives them a better understanding on resource allocation, time management, pre-planning, task distribution, performance enhancement, innovation & a lot more.

Thus, in a nutshell, the Enlargement activity has helped our professionals broaden their horizons & understand the competencies amongst them.

We encourage our passionate readers to try out this activity with their enthusiasts (irrespective of the domain) & see the outstanding outputs!

Stays tuned for more such bites & feel free to drop in your valuable inputs in the comment section below.

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