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How to ensure good user experience of website?

November 24, 2017 | Samadhan Jagtap |


User Experience means to understand the user’s needs, ability or requirements. It is always important to consider the business goals, objective and mission for better User experience.

There is no definite way to ensure user experience but there are some proven steps.

  1. First thing is to put the right person on the job, manage the available resources and guide them until the project is complete. For good User experience, it is important that the website design is user centric.


  1. Carry out a research to understand the business goal, the target audience, and objective of the business website. This will help you and reduce your efforts with respect to designing the website. This is because you actually know what the user promptly wants.


  1. Keep website design interactive and engaging which is the most important factor to ensure good user experience. Bright images, smooth navigations and cool effects all included in ensuring good user experience.


  1. Ensure that everything in the interface is aligned properly. The images and the content should not ruin the website design.


  1. One of the most frustrating user experiences of the web is high page loading time. Ensure that your page loading speed should not be high neither your visitor will close your site and go with your competitor site.


  1. Today everyone is using pop ups on their websites. It should be relevant to your content. Ensure that you are not using too many pop ups or call to actions in your site. It should be used in limits.


  1. You have to make all your web pages mobile friendly because today most of the visitors are coming through various mobile devices, therefore you need to keep your website mobile responsive & user-friendly for better user experience.


  1. Quality content is the most important part of your website. Most of the visitors are just coming for information, related to their searched queries. You should keep your content relevant to your offering, services, and products. You have to highlight your key points by using symbols like bullets & numbers as well as you can use bold, italic or underline to focus on that particular text.


  1. Images are the most eye catching part of your website. You might hear about that “One picture is worth a thousand of words”. Try to use some quality & informative images on your website for better user attractions. Images are always good for bringing traffic to your website.

    I hope these tips will help you to understand that how to ensure good user experience of a website.

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