Why we choose Laravel for eCommerce website?


There are many advantages of Laravel over other CMS platforms especially when somebody wants to build an optimized eCommerce store. Many reasons make Laravel our preference over other CMS frameworks. Throughout this blog, we will be covering all the essential points that make it an important part of the eCommerce web application development process. Let's start with the first point:


High Scalability

Scalability is the one most important feature which is the reason for high value in any e-commerce website. The main purpose of the e-commerce app is to add new products, vendors, etc. for this they require scalable app solutions. And with increased customer base requires web scalability at every stage. We want our clients to have a fully functional e-commerce store so that the web app to handle thousands of users at the same time. This is what Laravel e-commerce CMS focuses on, to provide you advanced scalable solutions that could customize at any level according to your desired requirements.


Independent Operation

CMS updates often cause unwanted expenses in web applications and hence create unwanted changes. But using an independent e-commerce site eliminates all these issues and don’t let you worry about unnecessary updates that could slow down your website speed.


Flexibility in Laravel Shopping Cart Management

The e-commerce package used in Laravel gives real ease to manage web stores and Laravel shopping cart effortlessly. The primary code has basic functionalities of carts, products, inventories, pricing, payment gateways, and other services. It gives you the advantage to design your workflows so that you can manage your existing developmental tasks as well as can make room for future operations.


Omnichannel Support

Another reason to choose Laravel is that it provides an omnichannel eCommerce experience. This makes the performance of the client's online shop highly optimized. We can build an advanced omnichannel e-commerce network with Laravel eCommerce open-source CMS by digital stores.


Laravel E-commerce Packages

Laravel provides many eCommerce packages that help developers create advanced web stores easily and flawlessly. The popular Laravel eCommerce packages are:

  • Aimeos
  • Mage2



Aimeos is one of the popular e-commerce packages for Laravel in many ways. It not only provides basic features for building a fully functional Laravel shopping cart but also has several other additional features such as multilingual support, customizable themes, and SEO ready tools for better search engine rankings.

Aimeos package is free to use and gives blazing fast web speed when used with the combination of an optimized server and an efficient database system. That is why Aimeos is quickly becoming a preferred choice for every developer as it gives faster web page loading with zero speed delay.



Mage2 is also a very popular e-commerce package for Laravel which provides a set of modules for integrating various functionalities to an e-commerce store. Its usage in Laravel online shops is also quite different. As instead of just singular installation, you can download different snippets of code for different functionalities. Then those particular snippets are added to the core coding of the apps, so that base code remains intact in its place.

The biggest advantage of using Mage2 is that it gives you the ease to pick and choose features according to your preference. Moreover, it allows you to customize those code-snippets according to the desired requirement of your e-commerce store.



So there would never be a certain answer whether Laravel suits best for e-commerce or not. It depends upon the preferences and required features for the project. We prefer Laravel for certain features in the apps. In the end, customer satisfaction is what we want.