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How Much Your ISP Knows About Your Privacy?

October 28, 2017 | Ashish Asthana |


As by meeting someone casually we do not share all our privacy to any person, in the same way when we connect our mobile phone or laptop with internet we try to make sure that no one other than ourselves and our device knows about the stuff we are opening. Sometime to be more sure we open a website in incognito mode so that no history gets created or logged. Here if we think that by opening a website in incognito mode makes my privacy more safer or clearing history makes my stuff private then this type of thinking is wrong.

Here either you have a connection with a mobile company or you are connected to a broadband connection, as you are basically taking internet from ISP (Internet Service Provider). ISP is the one through which we get internet as whatever request we send or receive it comes through an ISP. ISP knows what website you are opening and which type or work or action you are performing on an internet.

Here we will discuss about what our ISP knows and how much our ISP knows about our activities:

Firstly, whatever website you will open your ISP will get to know. For example, if you open Facebook, YouTube, Google etc. ISP will get to know because it is its functionality to fetch data from the requested URL.

Secondly, ISP will also get to know about the actions you have done in any website. This will happen only if the website you are working on is un-encrypted. For example, Facebook, Google etc are encrypted websites so here your ISP will not get to know about the actions you are taking inside such websites.

Thirdly, while logging in, your ID and Password remains encrypted. ISP will not know about your password, but the length of password will be known to it.

It may happen that your ISP may sell your information in the market as there is a good value of selling data in digital market. There can be a possibility that they may use your information to improve their skills.

To prevent your information and your privacy content you can use VPN (Virtual Privacy Network). By using VPN no direct data will be sent to the ISP. Here VPN should be a reputed VPN so that you will be sure that your privacy remains in boundary. What VPN does is, it routes the request in encrypted form due to which ISP did not able to track the request.

Hope knowing about your ISP will make you aware about your internet privacy. Your suggestions are always welcome in the comment section below.    

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