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How To Create Effective Online Ads!

October 8, 2018 | Stark Digital |


Increasing use of internet and social medias have led to immense competition and thus running ads online can be stressful for all the marketers. The invesments in campaigns have resulted in increased pressure to deliver results with clear revenue. Excessive use of social medias and their marketing has thus been the challenging to stand out.

In this big competition we surely need change our mindsets from trying to push people diretly to our desired location. We need to think strategically and contextually. So it would be great to focus on principles of content marketing in online advertising. Today I am going to list some insights hope they would help you in your online advertising.

1. Getting serious about targeted content:
Its well understood that future of customer engagement lies in content. Today's banner ads achieve only 0.6% of click through rate. This is because the ads have losts its appeal. By represting a brand name behind some interesting information for customers will have a great help in this. Again putting themselves in the center of the story would help more.

2. Best Ads are aren't just ads:
The rise of content marketing have opened the doors of native advertising. Native adverstising are the ads or articles that are being placed on other sites (propably paid). The main advatage of them is they don't look like traditional ads and thus results in more click through rates. Not every customer is same thus will have to dig the online data search for customer needs. A content that provides a solution to their problem is the key to climb the heights of online advertising.

You have enough of time to select the banners and creatives for the particular social media channels and post in native advertising. Targeted native advertising is the one of the promising startegy to be used in the coming year.

Even Google Adwords is not maintaining the transparency with paid Ads.  The only little difference they show between  organic and paid is the little ad text box appearing at the left side of the ad.

The final point is the Ads that llok like ads just being ignored by the users. As and when the ad looks like content there would be increase in customer engagement.

Share your startegies and suggestion for the same in comment box below.. Your help is always appreciated at Stark Digital.

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