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How to make your Homepage more Convertible?

October 1, 2018 | Stark Digital |


Today every business has a website. They are doing their business with the help of various digital marketing channels. Website is the best digital marketing tool for them to increase their business and revenue. Basically homepage is the most important part of any business website, because most of the visitors take the actions by considering the homepage. Homepage is playing the key role in digital marketing. We can add any kind of digital media in websites like images, audios, videos, PDF files and much more.  Websites are always great to increase your sales and generate leads.   It helps to drive the conversions. When people search for your niche keywords in search engine and your webpage shows up then you can hopefully expect the conversions. But unfortunately it doesn’t happen.

 According to Adroll, 98% of your first time website visitors won’t convert on your homepage. It means all that your hard work is going to waste. Your organic traffic is leaving your site without taking any actions in return of your offerings. You need to think on it. So what can be done to make your homepage more convertible? Thankfully there are few tactics to drive more conversions on your homepage. We have made few of these changes in our homepage over the past 6 months and now we have seen much higher conversion rates.

Here are some tips to make your homepage more convertible:

Focus on Call to action: Before choosing any call to action you have to ensure that what is the end goal of your website? Set your entire goal for the homepage and take A/B testing for it to choosing the right one. Too many calls to actions make confusion of the clients. You need to focus on single call to action. It means great CTA can produce the conversions and unwanted CTA can cause to increase the bounce rates. Single CTA helps to focus the user attention on specific action you want to take from them. Multiple CTAs always confuse the users. Research and data show that one CTA can work better than multiple CTAs. If you want more conversions from your homepage then you need to keep user journey more simply by reducing the multiple CTAs.

Keep it short and sweet: Shorter homepage can increase the conversions. You can post or share your other extra contents in blogs. The longer blog post can give a great boost in search engine rankings as well as helps to drive traffic and conversions from your website. If you have too long homepage then most of the visitors won’t scroll down to the end. They might get frustrated and leave your site without seeing 60% part of your homepage. Research and study show that the short page drove 97% more visitor. Short homepage is one of the great tactics to convert the visitors. They are effective because first time visitors don’t want to overwhelm by the content. They don’t want to spend too much time in just reading your homepage. They want short and quick ideas of what your company does and what you are offering for them.  

Create eye catchy Headlines: You know about how people are behaving with the content. They just focus on headlines. If they see boring headings they don’t click on them. But if they see shocking and entertaining headlines they easily click on those headlines to know more. Headlines will help you to grab the user attention and convey value immediately. Research shows that your headline is one of the quickest and easiest ways to capture the visitor’s attention and keep them near to you or it can take them away. You can tell the user what exactly they need to know and want to hear. People don’t need your services or products until you make them feel they need it. Simply describe your offerings in eye catchy headlines like what benefits will be served from your products. How your products will help them to fulfill their requirements.

Use Video Explainer:  In these days video content is growing steadily. People are watching the videos on high level.  According to Engadget report, Youtube users are watching one billion hours of videos per day. Video is quickly taking over the website and becoming the future of digital marketing. Most of the people don’t like to read the content anymore. They would like to follow along with your videos and attractive images. Homepage videos are great for conversion because research shows that 52% of marketing professional said that video is the best ROI producer for content marketing. It will save your time & easily engage with your audience. Explaining video can create awareness about your business, increase your sale; generate more leads and conversions easily. Video can be a powerful tool to drive more conversion on your site.

I hope these tips will help you to make your homepage more convertible.

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