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HYBRID v/s NATIVE - Which is most preferable?

November 22, 2017 | Yogesh Shah |


According to latest survey there are 81.7 percent Android OS users and 17.9 percent are iOS users.

Lets discuss today about both the applications, which is best for application development whether to built a Hybrid application or Native Application. As per the Developer's perception we are going to overlook both the Application and decide which is the most preferable. 

Description about Hybrid Application :

The Hybrid application contains of Web view to run inside of Native application. Hybrid application consists of the Web as well as Native Application. The web applications can be accessed on Mobile device which has access to the device such as it can access the GPS feature in the Mobile. Hybrid application is built and compiled which transforms the web application into the Native application. Thus you get a Hybrid application which has no stage limits.

Native applications are specially built for certain platforms and is written by specific code so the performance is high and most efficient. So most of them prefer Native application over Hybrid application.

Merits of Hybrid Application:

-Only one app needs to be developed for two various platforms as its simple to develop.
-Less Time consuming as one app works in both the platforms and causes less development costs.
- The release is fast compared to Native application.

Demerits of Hybrid Application:

- Hybrid application is much difficult to upload on App store, as to get approve Hybrid app is difficult.
- When meeting user expectations the Hybrid app is not so easy because they do not follow specific standards for the development.

Description about Native Application :
The Native Application are specifically coded in the respective programming language for its specific platform which they are developed. There should be java for Android and Swift or Objective C for the iOS. The performance of Native App is always better than that of Hybrid App because they are specifically built with the development.

Merits of Native Application:
- The performance of the Native Application is always high as compared to Hybrid Application because it is specifically built for single platform.
- The Native Application is easy to upload to the App Store as compared to Hybrid as Native is based on structured programming language.

Demerits of Native Application:
- The development cost of Native Application is High as it needs to be created on various stages and keep them separate.
- Native application needs different codes for tablets and mobile phones which makes it more trouble to do it.

There are merits and demerits in both Hybrid Apps and Native Apps but for long terms most of them prefer Native over Hybrid because the users complaints about the performance about this app. End of the day it depends upon the user and their needs but the Native app has more benefits than that of Hybrid App.


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