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Importance of Online Doctor Booking App in coming years!

January 25, 2019 | Stark Digital |


This discussion is a walkthrough of features and functionalities of the Doctor on Demand booking app, which can help the Doctors who want to create and use their own appointment booking app; to ease the life of patients in need of Doctor Booking App.

If, Suppose ,you’re down with high fever and body pain and you are still working that day. Your boss asked you to go visit a doctor and then rest at home. Due to rush at the clinic, You did not have the strength to wait until your turn. You get frustrated and decides to go home and rest. After two days when you did not recover, your friend forcefully takes you to a doctor and you are diagnosed, with Typhoid, costing you a pretty large amount.

Now imagine having the same scenario but this time you have the benefit of having a Doctor Appointment Booking App, in which you can not only search and book the top reviewed trusted nearby Doctors but also you can schedule and reschedule the appointment! If at all you have had booked your appointment prior on the Doctor Appointment Booking App, you could have avoided the illness and would have recovered much sooner.

Before moving forward with the discussion, let’s have a glance at why is it important to have an online Doctor booking system.

Just as you book a movie online, or order a dress online, now you can also book an appointment online with your choice of Doctor in just one click. You need not have to wait in a queue until the doctor comes to the hospital and then treat you. This app has helped more than 1000 people with different health conditions last year and no complaints were encountered while booking an appointment.

Also, the doctor can track the patients and keep the scheduling simple. This app helps the practitioners to also keep a record on how much time a particular patient needs and can schedule the next appointment accordingly.

Perks of owning a Doctor Booking App:

1) Find Doctors based on location:

You do not only have the option of booking an appointment but you can also find doctors, specialist's, OPD's, Hospitals in any location you want. Maybe you are new a particular city or area, having severe back pain not knowing which doctor to go to?? XYZ is here to help you with the same.
Search Doctors according to specialty, experience, and ratings.
Wherever you are, whatever health problem you have, whatever is the time of the day, we have a doctor for you in just a few clicks.

2) 24/7 Consultancy:

It has a convenient online video chat and audio consultancy option which is available 24/7 for your service.

3) Reminders:

Life now a day is hectic, stressful, and we tend to take our health for granted, we at XYZ care for you and that is why we have implemented reminders for your appointments for your next visit to the doctor. Reminders will be sent to you through email or an SMS.

4) Record Maintaining:

Paperwork is not only difficult to maintain but also takes up space and there is always a chance of losing our reports, thinking we might not need them. We at XYZ keep electronic medical reports which can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. Adding new reports and maintaining them becomes easier for not only the patient but also the doctor to refer from.

5) Secure and can be customized:

XYZ is a completely authentic and secure platform. XYZ can be customized as per requirements of a particular doctor, hospital, etc.

6) Online Prescription:

After the appointment, the doctor can give the patient an online prescription with the list of medicines and dosages with medicine ordering an online pharmacy in your app, so you can buy medicines online with home delivery.

7) Less stressful and avoid crowd:

It has always been stressful visiting a doctor waiting there for hours until your turn comes or sometimes waiting for the doctor to come. And you are not the only one who is waiting there but many others, which causes rush at the clinic, patients may also get severely ill because of the other patients having a contagious disease. XYZ has taken care of it. Just download it, book an appointment and sit back home till your turn comes.

8) In-App Payments:

Such apps have a wide variety of in-app payment options, you can choose any options and also can get some offers based on this and have your payments in a way secure and convenient way

9) Appointment Recording:

We have a tendency of forgetting everything we listen to, as it’s said “Picture speaks louder than words “ So when you do an online appointment you can also record the entire appointments and recheck everything the Doctor prescribed.

It also reduces No-Shows, means if a person is booking an appointment in person then there's no guarantee that he/she will be showing up for the appointment after, In Online Appointment Booking you have the surety that person would be showing up as he would be needed to pay some token amount before the appointment to secure his/her seat, hence eliminating the No-Shows and consuming time and appointment booking slots .

On the top of that Online appointments are what patients especially office staffs want, to lessen the hectic work of consulting the Doctor. Talking about the new patients who never consulted any Doctors before would definitely seek out for this option. Moreover, people dislike talking on the phone and booking an appointment.

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