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Real-Time Bus & Truck Tracking System Could Be The Next Big Thing In Transportation Industry

February 15, 2019 | Stark Digital |


Looking for ways to uplift your transportation business?

You’re on the right page then!

Cause here we’ll be discussing what exactly is tracking apps, how does it work, what are its features and importance of implementing it for your transport business

Let's start with, what exactly is GPS?

While going to the core of topic, Global Positioning System (GPS) is basically a satellite-based tracking or navigating system which is made up of 24 satellites in which each satellite transmits a unique signal to compute the exact position of the satellite. GPS use this information to calculate a user's or vehicle’s accurate position.

Now having known about what GPS do, let's see how can it work for your transport business.


In various aspects, GPS location can be of great use for your transport business. Consider a situation, in which you have an important and urgent delivery to make and you sent a truck for your unit delivery of product, due to some disaster your truck is unable to make delivery on time as its stuck in between of nowhere and as it wasn't equipped with the GPS you are not able to track the exact location of either driver or the truck, hence causing you loss to some great extent. In case of vehicle theft, location information can help in recovering the vehicle, and with the help of current technology, there are loads of information that can help a businessman improve productivity by saving extra cost due to unwanted driver's behavior.

GPS Tracking system has two important aspects. Hardware and Software that converts the information in a readable and advantageous format.

Primary information that GPS provides is the location information in terms of Latitude and Longitude, along with time stamp. An Advance tracking system which is either for personal use or vehicle management. It gives the 24-hour working in any weather and in any location.




Live Tracking:

The user can see the person or vehicle live on Maps with an accuracy of Google maps that depends on Place, Time and carrier network. This car GPS tracking device helps to track the exact location of your fleet in any weather


Easy connectivity with any devices, It helps you to monitor the location of a short span of time. It has a specific frequency band which helps you to connect to your GPS tracking devices easily.

Parking and Locations Notification:

It is a very helpful feature which lets you know the last recorded parking locations of your vehicle. For the places which matter most, like Home, Office, Garage, Shipment destination, warehouse etc., a notification on mobile can be of great use that confirms the arrival or departure of vehicle or person. Concern for a vehicle and delivery can be kept away with such real-time notifications.

24 Hour History:

Missed track in real-time? A past record of travel route with time and address is of extreme help in identifying problems and in verifying things. Now check all the missed out on just one click and be carefree about them again.

Zone Alerting:

GPS enables you to create zones for tracking all kinds of vehicles. It alerts you every time the specified vehicle enters/exits the designated area.

Speed Alerting:

By setting your own speed limits you can get alerts whenever it exceeds the average speed. You can avoid night accidents and losses which occurs in night deliveries with this feature

Analysis Screen:

For any business, data is the most reliable source to take business decisions you can analyze data points if they were presented in a simple and understandable format. The idle time that indicates the wastage of fuel with no productivity can help in controlling the cost. See the average value of fuel consumption, the average distance traveled, average speed and so much more on this screen. This fantastic feature enables you to save money by seeing key data linked to each vehicle you track.


Lets track basic device is exclusively made for cars. It provides battery power back up even when it is unplugged.


Let’s move to the list of 10 GPS tracking systems now.

1. GPS Insight Tracking Solution

2. ManagerPlus

3. Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR

4. ClearPathGPS

5. Agile Fleet Commander

6. Azuga

7. Fleetio

8. myGeotab

9. Omnitracs

10. US Fleet Tracking



GPS has transformed the way, the organizations are managing their workplace. The system is offering software that collaborates, as well as ease the entire processes involved in running a fleet. Every software has something unique to present. Therefore, after considering the confusion and difficulties you may face while choosing one of them, above mentioned list of top GPS tracking software will help you to a greater extent.

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