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5 Reasons To Use Laravel Frameworks For Advanced Application

November 21, 2017 | Stark Digital |


Laravel is a free open source PHP web framework that works on Model View Control (MVC) model. The company delivers tools, components, and designs for the developer to make advance applications easily and quickly. 

Laravel is the newest addition to the PHP framework, which provides efficient and effective software solutions at reasonable price. Modular packaging systems, ease of use and elegance has taken the PHP group by storm. Below are the few of the reasons to use Laravel framework: 


Laravel has a unique way of secure the application. It uses the salted hashed password, which means it never saves the password in plain text in DB (database). Additionally, it uses the Bcrypt hashing algorithm for creating an encrypted password. 


One of the major benefits of using laravel is that its framework is designed on more than twenty distinctive Object Oriented libraries, which are not present in any other famous PHP framework. This allows users and developers to create responsive, modular and useful web apps. 


Laravel enables unit testing and is another reason why it is popular among programmers and designers. Additionally, it makes sure that the new updates done by designers do not break anything in the application during the various tests. 

Built-In Tools:

Laravel comes with various built-in resources that are not available on any other popular PHP framework. These resources include routing, verification, caching and others. 

Supports MVC Architecture:

Laravel follows MVC (Model View Control) model that ensures transparency between presentation and logic. Also, this architecture helps in the better documentation, improving performance and has numerous built-in functions. 

Wrapping Up:

Laravel offers various benefits in the easy and fast development of web applications and designs. It is a promising and effective framework that is creating huge opportunities.


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