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How does Social Media Impacts on Google Ranking

September 11, 2017 | Chaitanya |


It is very difficult to address this question because when it comes to Google ranking nothing is certain and fixed. The Google algorithm keeps on changing and so does the trends for website ranking.  First thing what I believe is that even social media is a search engine where the users can search for people, places, images etc. Like on Facebook you have a search filter to find your friends. In LinkedIn, you have search filter to find professional connect, grow your network or find a company, search for a job etc. So this could be a similarity between Google Search Engine and Social media.

Social media has become a very important part of the business to get leads. I can say this because when I tried to search for Wipro I saw the Twitter account of Wipro. This has undermined all the theories which said that social media do not crawl on Google Rankings. But social media is a way of life today and it has helped business to generate more leads than organic traffic from Google. It is an easy way to work however the most important thing to increase the domain authority and website ranking is we need back links which will be found easily from Social media channels.

Matt Cutts, the previous leader of Google's web spam group, enlightened something concerning this in a video. In the video, he clarifies that Google dependably settles on decisions. The internet searcher basically does not record all website pages. Along these lines, a portion of the pages on the web don't get recorded in indexed lists. You can see the video of Matt Cutts below:


Here are some stats that can help you understand the importance of the use of social media accounts:

  • There are more than 500 million LinkedIn users and 10 million job posts
  • 01 billion Monthly active users on Facebook 17% increase year over year, 1.15 billion mobile active users and 23% increase year over year.
  • 400 million users over Instagram
  • 320 million users over Twitter
  • 300 Million users over Google+
  • 100 Million users on Pinterest

These are the common stats that are available on Google search engines, the stats may differ as different research companies publish different papers based on their own research. Google crawler is a very unique and complex algorithm. If you have a strong presence on social media it is sure that more people know you. With a number of users using social media platforms, it is hardly any doubt that your company will not be recognized. Well planned social media actions can surely increase and/or improve the website’s Google Ranking.

There is another reason why company owners use social media channels and that is because it promotes brand awareness which is very important. For example, a firm has a program or activity for employee welfare. The images are posted on social media platforms to let the viewer have a glance of the company’s inner culture.

It is not wrong to say that we social media can assist you to improve the Google rankings but both of them have their own merits and demerits. Google is the biggest search engine that is the world has ever seen. It has a huge database stored with information and data. We can say that social media influences the SEO.


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