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Steps to create clipping mask effect with text and shadow

September 22, 2017 | Viraj khape |


We often see various types of effects with images & text in Photoshop tool. Photoshop is the most popular tool for editing images & Graphics. There are tools like Photoshop that can be used by anyone for creating textual and pictorial effects.

It is easy to implement step by step. For that first you have to install Photoshop version cs6 on Mac or windows. Today we are learning how to create two images clipping mask effects with text. It is very simple if you follow the steps mentioned below.

How to create Images Clipping Mask Effect with Text & Shadow.

  1. After installation open Photoshop tool
  2. To create a new document click on the "file" tab which is on the left top side of Photoshop tool or press (Ctrl+N) which is the shortcut for opening a new document. That will open a new document window and you have to mention the following, document name, preset, document width & height (pixel).
  3. After document creation you have to pick two images one is with color & second one should be black & White for identical effect. You can also download from Google.
  4. Then we have to put both images in document as each image will take half of the vertical portion.
  5. Write text with Type Tool (T) “NATURAL EFFECTS” font size should be between 60px to 100px with white color.
  6. Again we have to copy (Duplicate) both images & put both images opposite to each other.
  7. Drag both images before the text which we wrote first.
  8. Select one image layer from them & right click to select “Create Clipping Mask” option from the list.
  9. After that you will get Clipping Mask Effect. Then you have to copy text layer (Ctrl+J) & make Rasterize Layer. (Right click to select “Rasterize Layer” option from the list.)
  10. This Rasterize text layer makes to “Flip Vertically”. Move this layer with Move Tool & align apposite to text layer.
  11. Select Rectangular Marquee Tool give feather “30px”. Select Rasterize layer & drag Marquee tool on half area of Rasterized text. Reduce opacity till 20px to 30px.

Finally you will get the actual “Images Clipping Mask Effect with Text & Shadow.” This effect is very easy if we go with all the steps. Hope you have learnt to create Images Clipping Mask Effect with Text & Shadow

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