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8 Tips to generate more leads and Conversions from your Website

December 17, 2017 | Stark Digital |


   When you find into business line, your aim is to make more and more sales and earn more and more money. Every business is established with the aim of achieving growth & success. This success comes with increased sales. More the sales, more you grow. 

It gets as simple as that. But wait, it is not as simple as it is said. To increase your sales, you need to see what works and what doesn’t work for your business. You need to look out for the cost effective ways to run your business. You need to test various things about your website, target audience and more.

To guide you here, this article outlines some of the best and easy ways to increase sales. 

Best Way For Generate More Leads & Conversions From Your Website.

1. Offer just one product or service on your home page

On your website’s home page, offer one product or service. Do not make it a mess by listing large range of products there. 

Doing so will help you in focusing on the questions that would come from the visitors related that product. Things will become more manageable this way. 

This does not in any way means to say that you must not sell rest of your products. You can sell them through other web pages on the site. 

2. Keep in touch with your loyal subscribers

Adjust your opt-in offer to get more and more loyal customers. You must wonder what opt-in offer is? It is your tool that helps you collect your customer’s email ids, setting up a proper email list so as to allow you to build relationship with them by way of keeping in touch. 
      Place your opt-in offer on the page where visitors can easily see them or say which catches visitor’s attention. The place could top fold of your home page or in a pop-up ad or other. You must even try testing it by placing it on every page of your site so that more visitors can see it and you get more subscribers.

3. Use Pop-up ads on your site.

Yes, when it comes to promotions, then pop-up ads are little magicians. These are small windows that suddenly appear in the foreground of visual interface. It has special offer or other information for you and attracts web traffic. 

  Today, pop-ups are used extensively in advertising on the web. For years, these have been very useful tools for online marketing.

4. Highlight benefits in your headline

The first thing that visitors see when they visit your website is your headline. You need to make sure that the headline is highlighting the problem your target audience is facing and to its rescue, stressing on the main benefit of your product or service is offering. 

    Your headline must be able to grab attention of your visitors and motivate them to go through your sales letter. Your headline has a huge impact on your sales. It's often the first thing visitors to your site see so it must grab their attention and compel them to read your sales letter.

5. Add credibility to your copy--and enhance your visitor's trust in you.

Enhance your visitors trust in you. Give them the reasons to put their trust in your product or service. Establish a problem and show them how you solve it. 

Use your home page for the same. You can also use your customer’s testimonial in your sales letter that depicts how your product or service has solved the issues in the past. Convince your visitor that you are the one who can solve their problem.

6. Focus on your site visitors--not yourself.

Convince your readers/visitors to buy now! Use call to action button on your site page that reflects a sense of urgency. 
Attract them by offering bonuses, by offering price discount for limited-period so that they can hurry to grab it and various such ways.

7. Avoid using references like “Buy” “Offer” “Sale”

Improve your sales letter by making sure that you don’t mention anything that looks like you are forcing your visitors to make a purchase or spend money. They themselves should get interested in your offering, so try to list down the benefits they can avail from the product or service instead. 

Do not just start with sales pitch at the very beginning stage in your sales copy. Sell when they start relating to the problem & get interested in buying.

8. Boost your product's popularity by adding images

 Images make your product more tangible and desirable. But do not just start adding images one after one before highlighting the product benefits.

  Place the images near call to action button. Do not disclose the product too early. Get the audience interested through the benefits laid and then you can reveal your product. For more information visit us on //

 Follow these key points and generate more leads and conversion from your site.  

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