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Why Marketing is so Important for a Business?

September 18, 2018 | Samadhan Jagtap |


Marketing is the most important part of any business. Marketing is always helpful for building brand awareness as well as increase your sales and engage customers. In these days Digital Marketing has changed the way of business. Today most of the businesses are following the digital strategy for promoting their products and services. They are offering their products through online medium. They have increased their sales with the help of effective digital marketing channels. Marketing has created lots of employment opportunities for unemployed persons. World’s large number of the people have involved in the field of marketing. Marketing is the only sector which is growing rapidly. Today there are so many functions of core marketing like buying, selling, financing, transporting, etc. Thus marketing gives employment to many people. Worlds 40% of total population is directly or indirectly dependent on marketing.

Let’s have a look at some reasons why marketing is so important for modern businesses.

It Gives Information: Marketing is mostly used for business purpose. It is the heart of any business. Without marketing business cannot perform well. Today every business is sharing their lots of information with their customers. They are trying to educate their customers. You know your products very well but what about your customers? They want deep knowledge about your business.  In order to buy any product or service, your audience wants to have a solid consideration of what it does and how it works. Marketing is the most effective way of communication with your potential customers. If customer’s awareness is helpful for your business then marketing person can do it well.

It saves your cost and time: Modern Digital marketing is the most cost effective than any others. Social Media channels and email campaigns are always helpful to reach out your potential customer more cost friendly. For small medium businesses, smart marketing tactics can help them to compete with their leading competitors. Social Media is offering same feature to business whether it may be small scale or large scale. By effective utilization of these tools any business can easily reach with the large number of audience out there. It will help them to build their brands, increase their sales as well as offer best customer services through social media messaging features. Digital marketing can definitely save your time & money to promote your business.

It Sustains: Marketing is like food for businesses, without marketing business cannot survive well. It can easily fulfill your every kind of business requirement. If you want to buy or sell anything, you definitely require the knowledge of marketing. You should know the marketer as well as the customer very well. Their brand identity will help you to understand them. Marketing is meant to sustain a presence of business not remedy a lack of engagements. It is more like food not medicine. For better business promotion marketing need to create and manage healthy relationship with their all customers. Marketing allows businesses to maintain long term relationships. It will help them in future requirements as well. If your client is satisfied then he would like to recommend you.

It engages your customers: Every business aims to engage their customers because customer engagement is the backbone of any business. This is almost true for small medium business. Marketing is always helpful to keep your clients engaging with your offerings. In these days face to face interaction is going to end. You need to engage your customer outside of the store. Today most of the businesses are using various promotional activities to engage their customers. They are sharing product images, videos and content to promote their business. Customers also want to hear from him to understand the product very well therefore they are also supporting the business with sharing their feeling in likes and comments. It will increase the reach of people.  So this is how marketing engage with your customers.

It increases your Sales: Marketing is most important for increase your sales and revenue. If you have just started your business and waiting for customer to sell them. Who would like to buy from you? How people will know that you are offering for them. Therefore you need to create awareness about your business! You should know your targeted customer very well and their journey before they buy. Marketing person can easily do this stuff with his knowledge and experience. They know how to increase the sale and they can prove it. It means marketing will help for increase your sales.

It Grow your business: Marketing is an important approach to ensure your business growth. Though your existing customer should be on top priority but marketing effort can help you to expand the business. Your little social media marketing efforts can not only engage your existing customer but also spread the word to new potential customers as well. Smart marketing can easily convert your visitor into sales. If you are able to sell the things then you are growing. It means marketing is helpful to grow your business. Marketing will definitely secure your business future through old and new customer engagements.

I hope you should understand the importance of marketing for modern business.

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