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Witty Ways to Respond to Negative Feedback

September 15, 2017 | Stark Digital |


When you are a blogger/business owner it’s pretty obvious you will have haters. And it may turn to negative feedback to your content or business. But you don’t need to worry from now. I know you might feel why not to worry, its hampers the reputation. Ignoring a bad review or feedback is not an option anymore.

Responding to negative feedback is a great way to showcase your brand’s personality”, says @BArailrunner.

Just responding is not enough, how you say & what you say, matters a lot. So let us take this into consideration and focus on responding back to those negative feedbacks. Here are some of the witty ways to respond to negative feedback on your content.

Play it Cool:

Every time you read a bad comment, negative feedback or insulting mark just take a deep breath in, take some time don’t reply them immediately it may make things worse.

Take time to consider the reply and don’t jump on to conclusions, have a look at the complaint and then look up for the response. Try responding with humor. It is the best way to lessen or defuse the tension created. Even it may turn up the worst situation into the best one.

Respond within 24-48 hours:

As important as the customers are for you, their reviews and feedbacks shall be equally important. Do not let your customers think they are less important. Show them that they are in tune with the customer service and an active member in your business.

Offer to make it right:

If you have unhappy customers, make sure you take steps to make it right. Make an offer they cannot refuse and do it ASAP. If your customer received a t-shirt with a tear in the sleeve offer them a replacement. Not all customers will take your offer, but it's your responsibility to go the extra mile.

Identify Hopeless Interactions:

There are 3 types of brand haters:

Trollers: These are the people who enjoy troubling you by irrational comments.

Goblins: These are those who are taking the business to a personal level as they get offended.

Hobgoblins: These are the very dangerous species. These people go to an extreme level to abuse your brand and also take it personally.


Be polite:

It's important to be in control of your own mind and language when you have to respond to a negative feedback. Regardless of what tone your customer speaks in, try to be polite, and focus on the problem i.e. customer dissatisfaction.

Transform The Conversation:

This is the best way to respond to a negative comment. You can turn a negative comment into a positive one by changing the narrative with your experience. You don’t always have to write a lengthy response, sometimes you need to own it and laugh it out with your audience keeping up the brand’s personality.

Think of future customers:

What if a person who could be your potential customer, read the bad review and the way you responded to it? They might think they too would have a bad experience like a late arrival of their order, quality of the product might not be good, etc.

Find a way to resolve these issues in the way you respond and ease the customer's worries.


Contact the customer offline:

Once you have responded publicly, make sure you contact the customer through an email to prove that you take them and their issues seriously. Send them a mail, msg or even place a call to see how you can make the wrong, right.

This gesture may turn to be a positive point for you, as they may post a positive reply later once their issue is been solved.

If you ever come across bad comments or negative feedback just remember the above ways to overcome them. Your suggestions are welcome in the comment section below.

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