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Your Travel Business Needs an Online Presence

November 1, 2018 | Stark Digital |


Yes, you are money maker. Travel guys are the only one we need to be happy. Travel & Hospitatlity Business needs an amazing online presence to attract more of the customers. Our tendency or habit to search every single thing on internet is the main reason of this. If you lacking your online presence, that means you are losing 50% of your business.

Keeping your industry in mind here are some factors that can be easily implemented in your travel & tourism marketing / online growth process. Before starting on with the post will like to guide you wth your target audience. Millennials can get you more business. This people are the ones who earn enough to spend when needed.

  1.      Mobile Responsive Website:

Do you have a business website? If yes, is it mobile responsive? Make sure your website is mobile responsive. Increasing usage of mobile devices for shopping, booking and marketing has let it mandatory for a business to have their website user-friendly for customers on Mobile.


If your website is not mobile responsive you are probably losing 20% of your leads. The reason behind this is people browsing your website on mobile won’t find it that friendly and accessible and may leave your website.


  1.     Mobile App:

Mobile App can also help you a lot. People are now more dependent on their mobile to get their things easily done. So they prefer browsing their favorite app and get the thing done. Mobile apps now account 52% of total time spent on digital medias. Mobile App Development can be one more solution for your business growth.


  1.    Social Media Marketing:

Now I think you might be aware of effectiveness of Facebook & twitter for your business. Travel business can really take a lot of advantage of that. As per my research an ecommerce & travel business can benefit a lot from such platforms. Now even twitter has started running ads in India.


Here are some the tips of marketing on Facebook & Twitter:

  1. Hashtag Campaigns:

You might be familiar with this. Hashtags can really help you brand your business and attract targeted audience.

  1. Make most of the Images:

You can use Photos from your previous trips.

  • Hold photo contest and give out prices
  • This kind of marketing will bring customers attention to your business.
  1. Video Ads Content:

You can make use of videos that shows paragliding or some fun happening around in your previous trip.

According to a survey it is revealed that travelers spend most of their time:

  1. Watching videos on youtube
  2. Consider Youtube as their primary source of travel inspiration
  3. Subscribe to Video blogs.

For travel & Tourism marketing in an effective way is best source to attract more than 50% of their customers. You can definitely opt for Digital Marketing for your business to grow. For more strategies and marketing your business you can get in touch with us here: Digital Marketing for Travel Business


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