Bringing Ease To Government Delivery System



The government distributes various schemes to needy individuals (widows, students, and disabled people). The manual process of documenting these distributions made it difficult to maintain records, leading to issues like tracking distribution, preventing fraud, and ensuring deduplication.


To address these challenges, the Pune Municipal Corporation aimed to reform the government’s direct benefits transform by re-engineering the welfare schemes process. This reformation ensures a simpler and faster flow of information and funds, accurately targeting the intended beneficiaries.



After careful evaluation of each requirement and challenge, we designed and developed a unique solution to automate the process of welfare scheme distribution.

Our solution, built with .Net and Angular for the front end, enables the client to monitor each beneficiary’s fund flow and ensure error-free delivery.

Key Features

  • Information Dissemination
  • Registration of Citizens
  • Eligibility Check
  • Application Submission
  • Verification and Validation
  • Approval
  • Treasury Bill Generation
  • Disbursement of Funds
  • Reconciliation


  • Enhanced Efficiency

    The DBT portal streamlined the welfare scheme distribution system, making it more efficient and reducing the time required for processing and disbursing funds.

  • Easy Fund Transfer

    The platform effectively managed the transfer of 210 Crore INR to beneficiaries, ensuring smooth and accurate disbursement.

  • Increased Transparency

    The system ensured transparency in fund distribution, making it easier to track and audit financial transactions.

  • Direct Data Reporting

    The ability to generate direct data reports and submit beneficiary account details to the financial department improved oversight and management of fund transfers.

  • Beneficiary Satisfaction

    By meeting the needs of the Pune Municipal Corporation and its beneficiaries, the portal contributed to increased satisfaction among recipients of the welfare schemes.