Privacy Policy

Stark Digital Media Services is the leading IT services, consulting and outsourcing company and we believe that website visitors are the reason for our success, and we sincerely respect your privacy on the Internet.

While browsing our website, you may be asked to submit your personal details like your name, email address, phone number and some other relevant details in order to provide you with requested services.

Our privacy policy is prepared just to make sure to everyone that we care about your personal details. We are suggesting to everyone to read our privacy policy before navigating our website thoroughly.

User Information

In order access some highly secured pages, we need to extract user’s personal details and IP address but it doesn’t mean that we will share or exchange your details with any third party without your permission. Your personal details will remain secured within the Stark Digital Media Services.

Respect your Feedback

Your comments, feedback or suggestions about our services, solutions or website is valuable for us.

Move Out Option

We store user’s personal details on our database for a specific time period and if we required, we delete that information from our database as per our requirement. So user can opt to stay for long by updating their details frequently or can remove their link from the website as soon as they are ready with the website or don’t take up the services any longer.


We may access cookies on your computer but you have the rights to accept or reject all cookies.

Privacy Policy Updates

We kept the right to us to change our privacy policy either partly or full privacy as per the company requirement, so you may frequently visit our section to remain up-to-date about the privacy policy changes.