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Custom Development

Whether it’s a website, desktop or mobile application, we can do it all. We develop web applications using ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core, or other Dot NET web frameworks. 

API Development and Integration

We use ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework, and ASP.NET MVC for integration, alongside dedicated API frameworks to ensure smooth communication between applications and APIs.

Enterprise Solution

We develop large-scale, mission-critical enterprise applications using ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework, SQL Server, and Visual Studio technologies. 

Migration and Modernization

We do prioritize data security, That’s why we help you to modernize or migrate applications from other platforms or technologies to the Dot NET framework, or from older versions of Dot NET to newer versions. 


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Crafted Legacy in .Net since 2010

From more than a decade of experience in Dot net development, we crafted a legacy of delivering on-time and top-notch project development. We get recognized for our work and quality.

Custom Solution

Custom is the sole of our development. We develop anything whether it is a mobile application, website, or enterprise solution we cover all in .Net. We have delivered more than 80+ custom solutions till now. Leverage our expertise in custom to bring your custom idea to life.

Top Notch Developers

We make sure we will get top-notch developers for your development, that’s why we follow a three-step recruitment process. Our highly skilled developers deliver quality within a given timeframe. We never compromise over Quality.

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Our DOT NET Framework

Diverse frameworks allow developers to build robust, scalable applications.

  • ASP.NET Core
  • LINQ

DOT NET Libraries

By leveraging the ready-to-use functionality of the library, our developers build a range of scalable applications.

  • Entity Framework

QA And Testing

These tools aid in testing and quality assurance to ensure .NET application reliability and quality.

  • Visual Studio
  • Swagger

Coding And Debugging Framework

A comprehensive environment for coding, debugging, and testing .NET applications, featuring IntelliSense, code refactoring, and advanced debugging tools.
  • Visual Studio
  • visual studio Care


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

.NET is known for its robust performance, security, scalability, and cross-platform capabilities. It’s suitable for enterprise-level applications, provides a rich ecosystem of tools and libraries, and supports rapid development with high productivity.

  • .NET Framework: The original Dot NET implementation, primarily for Windows applications.
  • .NET Core: A cross-platform, high-performance version of Dot NET for building modern, cloud-based, and internet-connected applications.
  • .NET 5/6: Unified versions of Dot NET that combine the best features of Dot NETFramework and Dot NETCore, providing a single platform for all types of applications with improved performance, new APIs, and enhanced development experience.

Yes, we specialize in migrating existing applications to Dot NET Core or Dot NET 5/6. Our team will assess your current application, plan the migration process, and execute the migration with minimal disruption to your business operations, ensuring all functionality is preserved and enhanced.

The development timeline for a Dot NET application depends on the project’s complexity, scope, and specific requirements. A simple application might take a few weeks, while a more complex one could take several months. We provide a detailed project timeline after understanding your needs and project scope.

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