Building Secure, Modern And Technology Driven Imagn Sleep Solutions



Devdent, a dental-focused organization, is passionate about the dental industry’s potential in healthcare. They noticed a gap in managing patients with sleep-related disorders in dental practices. Regulatory compliance, like HIPAA, added further complexity to the process.


The client wanted a solution that helps dentists with managing sleep patients, scheduling sleep tests, and communicating with referring physicians etc.


Imagn Sleep Modern And Technology-Driven Solutions

We proposed one software to the client Imagn Sleep, a technology-driven platform that helps them to manage sleep patients. The key implementation in this software is the integration of the imagn sleep to the imagn billing software that can be accessible from cloud-based software.

We used cloud computing, data analytics, Laravel, MongoDB, HTML, and CSS to build this software solution.

Key features of Software

  • One-Click Medical Billing Integration
  • Self-Scoring Sleep Assessment
  • Auto-Populated Medical SOAP Notes
  • Treatment Plan Progress Tracking
  • Customer Referral Letter Generator
  • Home Sleep Test Scheduling Calendar


  • Efficient Sleep Assessment

    The self-scoring sleep assessment feature enabled patients to easily and accurately evaluate their sleep patterns, reducing the time required by 60% for initial consultations.

  • Automated Documentation

    Auto-populated Medical SOAP notes significantly reduced manual data entry, ensuring consistency and accuracy in patient records.

  • Enhanced Treatment Plan Tracking

    Progress tracking features allowed both practitioners and patients to monitor treatment plans effectively, leading to better adherence and outcomes.

  • Improved Referral Process

    Customer referral letter generator streamlined the creation of referral letters, saving time for dental practices and improving communication with other healthcare providers.

  • Optimized Scheduling

    Home sleep test scheduling calendar facilitated easy and convenient scheduling of sleep tests, improving patient compliance and satisfaction.