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Client requirement


The client is an eminent machine and system provider based out of the United States. Apart from heavy machinery and optimized systems, they also render after-sales customer support to all their clientele. The company has been offering its services for over a decade now, ensuring the manufacturing industry operates at capacity with maximum efficiency.

  • The client offers dust collectors to heavy machine manufacturers. A salesperson visits the machinery site, notes down the parameters required to provide the quotation. These parameters are noted by the salesperson manually. An excel sheet, with a handful of parameters, is filled in by the salesperson and sent to the account manager. The account manager, after going through the requirements, suggests the required and suitable dust collector configuration and sends a quotation to their customer accordingly.
  • The client, several times, has come across problems pertaining to human error, loss of data due to technical glitches, and delay in offering quotations to their customers. Since multiple formulas and data are involved in the procedure, it becomes strenuous for the client to keep the exact record due to human error or manipulation.

Our solution


Our aim, as a digital transformation consultant to this client, is to digitalize the entire process in order to reduce human errors and required efforts and make the quotation form accessible to multiple users. Since several parameters were considered for multiple users, our developers had to put their best foot forward to make the impossible possible.

  • Right after the client spoke to us about the challenges they were facing due to the technical glitches and human errors, we decided to involve our developers and designers to put their brains at work to come up with a solution.
  • The major challenge for our developers was to create a quotation form that, when filled, can accept different parameters. Each parameter was interdependent, making it difficult to fill the form without changing the other parameters. This could have been a problem for multiple users as the requirements vary as per the users. A mistake of one digit could cause the company tons of money.
  • To solve this issue, developers made several iterations for the quotation form, did multiple tests and runs to see if the formulas worked right and the logic they implemented was fulfilling the needs of the client. With extreme hard work and numerous brains at work, we were able to present a tool suitable for multiple users to our client.
  • This tool is user authenticated to track the quote requests generated.
  • Data entered into the forms cannot be manipulated or touched without the access permission of the admin, leading to a secure database with numerous client requirements stored for years to come.
  • The quotation tool is made available on the client’s website for customers or potential customers to register their inquiries and know the request for quotations online. This has helped our client to optimize their business by threefolds.


project highlight


  • Easy-to-Operate: A digitized tool had to be made, keeping in mind the non-technical employees or salespeople who directly fill in the required specifications.
  • Accessibility to Clients: A platform that not only serves the client's internal team but also enables their customers to register online.
  • Dynamic Fields: The form fields were made dynamic. Depending on the user input, the corresponding field value changes.

final accomplishment


  • We, as a digital transformation consulting agency, have digitized the entire process which has not only helped the client’s company to generate automated forms but also optimize their annual performance and fast-track the quotation-sending procedure to their customers.

happy client


Will C. Baker

The experience of working with Stark Digital Media Services’ team has been fantastic. With a dustcollected tool, we were not only able to empower our sales team but also help our business to run at a rapid pace. Thanks Stark Digital! Great Work!

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