Building Online Classified Ads Platform



The client required a platform for users to buy and sell the products, providing a seamless user experience. The feature required was a robust, secure login system to ensure that user accounts and personal information are protected. The category-wise ads segregation for various products like electronics, fashion, education, etc. allows the user to easily navigate and find products relevant to their interests.


We proposed an online ads platform to clients that helps them to segregate category-wise ads. Its easy-to-use interface and category-wise ads save users time in searching for products to buy.

The technology used in this project is React for the front end and Python for the back end.

Key features implemented include:

  • User Login System

    Enables users to log in to buy and sell items seamlessly.

  • Category-wise Ad Segregation

    Organizes ads into specific categories for easier navigation and searchability.

  • Follow-up Features

    Added capabilities for users to follow up via WhatsApp, call, and email to ensure effective communication and tracking of transactions.


This robust system ensures a smooth and efficient user experience for both buyers and sellers.

  • Facilitates easy and secure transactions.
  • Enhances user experience with clear category-wise ad segregation.
  • Streamlines the buying and selling process.

Libanx provides a user-friendly, efficient online marketplace which allows users to search more than 5000+ diverse products of different categories.