From Farm to Doorstep: Enhancing Milk Distribution with Automation App



Efficient milk distribution software brings ease to the milk distribution process. Here is how milk distribution management software helped our client to automate the milk distribution and billing process.


  • Record Management: Difficulty in maintaining accurate monthly distribution and billing records.

  • Delivery Scheduling: Ineffective management of pause and resume delivery days.

  • Customer Experience: Overall dissatisfaction among farmers, distributors, and customers due to the cumbersome process.


The client wanted a system that maintains accurate monthly distribution and billing records. A secure and seamless online payment system that will help in making online payments.


We Proposed an application for distributors and customers that streamlines milk delivery and the monthly billing process. While developing, we performed several quality tests to ensure the performance of the application. Our application automates the generation of monthly bills based on customers’ milk consumption data.

Distributors can easily access and download billing statements, ensuring timely and accurate invoicing.

Customers receive detailed monthly bills, providing transparency and facilitating hassle-free payments. Customers have the flexibility to choose from a range of milk suppliers, catering to their specific preferences and dietary requirements.

Key Features

  • Monthly Billing Generator
  • Leave Count Record
  • Online Payment System
  • Multi Milk Distributor
  • Service Stop Request


The “Milk n More” app is developed to simplify and automate the milk distribution process. The app’s intuitive distribution management features have successfully attracted over 500+ new distributors and 1000+ customers, significantly improving the efficiency and satisfaction of all stakeholders in the milk distribution chain.

  • This application ensured precision in milk distribution counts
  • Its easy tracking feature brings accuracy to the Monthly Billing
  • Enabled seamless online payments.
  • Simplified discontinuation and activation process.
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency
  • Improved Customer Convenience