Improving Off-Campus Renting Experience For Students



Finding off-campus housing was daunting for students due to a lack of tenant knowledge, while property owners often struggled to connect with reliable tenants. This disconnect creates issues, especially in the college housing market where inexperienced tenants are common.

Our client identified this gap in the market and wanted to provide helpful solutions for the tenant to get a suitable property or house and vice versa.



We have proposed a secure online platform for students, parents, property owners, and universities.

Our key implementation simplifies the process of finding rentals near universities, facilitates roommate matching, ensures ownership verification, streamlines maintenance requests, enables online rent payments through Stripe, and provides appointment booking for property visits. Additionally, PadLink prioritizes safety with messaging and notification features.

We build such a one-stop platform using Laravel technology.

Key Features

  • Nearby Property Search
  • Roommate Match
  • Ownership Verification
  • Maintenance System
  • Online Payment System With Stripe
  • Add Multiple Units (Landlord)
  • Create Appointment Slot
  • Calendar
  • Rent Reminder


PadLink offers the desired outcome by increasing 60% online house-finding rates through our platform.

1. Transparency and Access:

  •   This platform revolutionizes the college housing market.
  •   Provides ease of access for all users.

2. User Benefits:

  • Students: Effortlessly find suitable rentals.
  • Property Owners: Connect with reliable tenants.
  • Universities: Support students in securing off-campus housing.

3. Enhanced Rental Experience:

  •   Increases property finding rates by 60% through the platform.

4. Safety and Efficiency

  • The ownership verification feature of the platform promotes a safer environment.

5. Financial Transparency:

  • Its online payment system ensures transparency.
  • Rent reminders and maintenance systems ensure on-time payments.

6. Additional Features:

  • Calendar features help manage rental schedules.
  • Padmate search and roommate match to assist in finding compatible roommates.