Enhancing Online Learning Experiences



A growing demand for online tuition, especially for students preparing for 11+ and GCSE exams, has necessitated the development of an E-learning platform for managing students from different locations.

This case study highlights how the learning provider adapted to these changes and leveraged our expertise to offer effective solutions.


A virtual learning platform that connects all the students with the tutor to give seamless, smooth learning experiences.

Custom code for tracking the progress of their learners. Smooth and easy tutor-student interaction. Regulated system management for admin.


Building Robust Learning Management System

We have proposed and developed a virtual platform that connects students and tutors smoothly. The platform provides a seamless experience for them to choose their priority subject and get taught by expert tutors through a third-party video conferencing tool.

The students and tutors can interact with each other during live classes and discuss things in depth. This helps them track their progress and identify areas for improvement. The platform also provides additional resources such as notes and videos to help students better understand the concepts.

We leverage Python technology to develop this robust learning management platform.


Key Implementations

  • Login Dashboard
  • Registration
  • Tutor Assigning
  • Notification
  • Regular Feedback
  • Study Material
  • Regular Assessments, tests and quizzes assigning
  • Live Classes


This Learning Management System enhances the overall learning experience of the student and tutor and increases the rate of students’ success, on average, 95% of learners are offered a place at their desired school.

This outcome is marked by

  • Providing efficient student-tutor connections.
  • Offering comprehensive progress tracking.
  • Enhancing live learning experience through video or chat processes.
  • Streamlining Homework assigning and checking process.
  • Email notification of classes etc.
  • Knowledge sharing become easy and even more interactive.

Peepal Tree Learning offers a robust, user-friendly platform that boosts student confidence, skills, and knowledge, preparing them for top-tier schools.