Transforming Referral Management With The Nightwing Management System



Attorneys frequently refer patients to clinics and receive commissions in return. However, managing the data related to these referrals posed significant challenges.

Both clinics and attorneys struggled with Commission Tracking, Patient Details, Identifying and managing active cases, Invoicing, and Appointment Scheduling.

The challenge was to improve efficiencies, and transparency and reduce workflow complications.


Develop All-in-One Platform

We have proposed a management system with a few key implementations including invoicing, notification, appointment scheduling referral management etc.

Referral Management System brings ease of use for attorneys, clinics and patients. Its notification feature keeps all stakeholders informed about the progress of referrals, appointment scheduling, and any relevant updates.

To develop this robust platform we use Node.js for the backend and React for the front end.

Key Features of the RMS

  • Referrals Management
  • Invoice
  • Notification Preferences
  • Reports
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Dashboard


  • The system streamlined the entire referral process, reducing manual work and potential errors.
  • The clinic’s referral rate increased by 50-60%. The clinic receives 1000+ clients a month through attorney referrals.
  • Due to its report upload features attorneys, clinics, and patients gained clear visibility into the referral process, improving trust and communication.
  • Automation feature brings ease to key processes such as invoicing, appointment scheduling and report generation which ultimately results in time and resource savings.

By addressing the core challenges and delivering a tailored solution, the Nightwing Management System successfully enhanced the referral process, making it more efficient and transparent for all.