Building A Unified Job Portal For Job Seekers And Employers



Staffing aimed to create a unified job portal to streamline job searches and recruitment.

Key challenges included creating an intuitive user interface, developing a robust search engine, implementing AI-enhanced resume and job posting tools, setting up a reliable alert system, ensuring scalability, and maintaining data security.


Build An AI-Featured Platform For The Job Seeker And Employer

Stark Digital focused on user-centric design, implementing a powerful search algorithm and AI-driven tools for resume building and job posting. Using Next.js for the front end, .Net for the backend and Mssql, We developed a customizable alert system, designed scalable cloud infrastructure, and employed robust security measures to protect user data.

Key Features of the Staffing Job Portal

   For Job Seekers

  • Job search
  • Create job alerts
  • AI Resume Builder
  • Resume templates

   For Employers

  • Easy job posting
  • Invite candidates
  • Candidate search

The Outcome

  • The platform has successfully bridged the gap between job seekers and employers, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the job application and recruitment process.
  • The introduction of automated AI-driven resume generation has simplified the application process, resulting in a 40-50% increase in the number of applications. 
  • This user-centric approach not only makes job searching easier but also helps employers find the right candidates faster, ultimately contributing to a more dynamic and responsive job market.