We Approximate, Saves 27,000 Minutes Per Year Of Hotel Staff Through Our Digital Solution Application



The hotel staff faced operational inefficiencies in managing guest orders, complaints, and daily tasks. Manual processes required front desk employees and housekeepers to maintain a log book, causing delays and errors in service delivery and complicating hotel management.


We proposed a application that eliminated the need for manual logbooks and instead provided an online platform for hotel staff to manage their daily tasks. This easy-to-operate platform aids hotel staff in quick communication, order and complaint tracking. Its In-room devices streamline the order placing and complaint process.

Key Features

  • Create Request
  • Smart Task Creation
  • Universal Access
  • Quick Communications
  • Escalation Matrix
  • Use Anywhere


It has been figured implementation of the ‘Vesta’, saves hotel staff 27,000 minutes per year.

1. Revolutionized Hotel Operations:

  • Enabled faster task execution.
  • Enhanced management efficacy

2. Guest Convenience:

  • In-room devices for placing orders and raising complaints.
  • Seamless integration with staff’s system.

3. Streamlined Processes:

  • 10-minute reminders for tasks.
  • Department-wise complaint tracking.

4. Improved Outcomes:

  • Enhanced service delivery.
  • Increased guest satisfaction.