The Complete Guide To IT Staff Augmentation Services

The IT sector is in constant need of employees in a complete labour market as the companies experience shortages while standing in front of the giants like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, etc. and to be on the edge, you must have to go hand-in-hand with the technical advancement. Your business deserves the boost, and that does not necessarily have to be proportionate to increasing the project costs by hiring employees on a permanent basis to form a team and then complete the project. This is a time, effort and a huge cost-consuming process. 

Hence, the IT staff augmentation services stand as a better option in such scenarios. 

What is IT Staff Augmentation?

IT staff augmentation is a cost-efficient and very flexible option of outsourcing to get the job done. It is beneficial for the positions that are hard to fill or the temporary vacancies. The employees are hired on a contractual basis and they can work for you from their homes or the workspaces of the company that provides you with IT staff augmentation services.

IT staff augmentation services offer scope for getting the technically qualified employees on board, without a tedious hiring process. This saves a lot of time and money. IT staff augmentation has been adapted by many organizations globally to get the job done in a quick and cost-efficient way.  

Advantages of IT Staff Augmentation Services

As we checked on the suitable times to get into the IT staff augmentation services, let’s check what are the benefits it brings to your business and why is it considered to be a feasible option over the recruitment of the employees.

1. Save Time, Money and Efforts

IT staff augmentation services save you from the huge time investment of the tiring recruitment process. It saves your expenses on HR resources, the hiring process, and additional office spaces. It also saves your huge costs and efforts as you don’t have to provide the hires with –

  • An employment visa to the virtual team
  • Rent allowances 
  • Relocation allowances
  • Taxes
  • Medical insurance 
  • Bonus, rewards, or increments
  • End of service benefits

2. Scope for building the best tech-army

The IT staff augmentation services open up the global labour market for you to hire the best of best technically upskilled employees for your project. Even small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) can hire these talents as it is inexpensive being on a temporary basis. Also, the contract costs are based upon the assigned work on an hourly basis. Hence it is feasible to hire the top-tech talents for your business.

3. Highly flexible 

IT staff augmentation offers high flexibility in hiring, assigning, or even discontinuing after winning the client project. As the hiring is on a contractual and temporary basis, it involves no long-term commitment, barely a legal hassle, and efficiency by opting for the betterment. 

4. Earn expertise and advice

As we discussed the Staff Augmentation Vs Consulting above, staff augmentation actually brings the opportunity of hiring the experts. Earning expert advice on each fraction of the assigned project is indeed a boon as these experts will have professional experience in various fields and can advise you at each stage of development.

When to opt for IT Staff Augmentation Services?

IT staff augmentation services are suitable for most of the scenarios but of course not always. Here are the best suitable circumstances to opt for these services. 

  • You are expanding the search boundaries in the other areas after facing the lack of qualified employees in your location
  • You face the scarcity of labour support to handle a project and find your business in the necessity of extended help 
  • You have an in-house team of engineers working on a certain project, but you want to hire another team of programmers working on another part of the same project.

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Things to consider

Planning the outsourcing by IT Staff Augmentation Services?

Check out the following factors to consider in this planning process –

Ascertain your requirements and set the goals and expectations

Decide the required number of hires and list the ideal skills chart to be followed during the hiring. Also, set and communicate the goals and expectations to your staff augmentation partner in the early days of the relationship to be clear in terms of the eligibility criteria.

Look for the perfect development partner

Assure the performance quality and the industry reputation of the company you partner with for the IT staff augmentation services

Choose the suitable outsourcing model

Many organisations opt for project-based consulting services. Staff Augmentation Vs Consulting is a quite popular fix the organisations get into while outsourcing for their projects. The project-based consulting is where you hand over the particular project to your outsourcing partner organisation where you get it handled by the experts. This might result in your loss of control over the business. However, Staff Augmentation offers the option of hiring the expert on a contractual basis. You can limit their control on the project and their work hours as per the quantity of the assigned work. Hence, in Staff Augmentation Vs Consulting, staff augmentation generally has an upper hand. 

Checking on your business requirements, you can choose a suitable outsourcing model.

Righteous and efficient communication

Efficient communication gives a clear idea of the goals and expectations and it creates an honest and open relationship between the hired employees and the firm/organisation. Also, you must maintain the righteousness in those communications to improve the engagement.

We have reached the end of this team expansion idea, where we want to open our treasure of the top-tech talent in the IT staff augmentation services here at Stark Digital Media Services Pvt Ltd. Connect with us today and let us know if you keep an interest in opting for our skilled team of developers to leg you up with your business.