Today’s Top 7 Trends in Software Development

We keep noticing the alterations in these trends in the software development life cycle. The reasons being –

  • Changing market trends
  • Upgraded consumer and business demands
  • The constant evolution in the technological landscape

Here, we’re to check out the 7 most trending facts in the world of software development. 

Progressive Web Apps

The reason behind starting with the progressive web apps is their increasing popularity. PWAs have been proved to be the right choice for many business owners. As developing and maintaining the individual applications for both web and mobile platforms involve unnecessary efforts, the PWA deals with creating mobile-focused web-based applications. 

PWAs need not be downloaded like the other mobile apps. One can get the same user-friendly experience using PWAs. The smaller developer teams who want to attract the mobile user base can benefit from the PWAs. 

Low Code and No-Code to accelerate the Software Development

Low code and No-code (LCNC) platforms have the potential to make software development as easy as anyone can do it. Considering the complex software development is adapting, delivering the software quicker never goes out of trend. LC/NCs are used to create the applications for immediate use purpose. 

Considering their growing popularity, the concern was raised if the LC/NC will replace the actual coding in the custom software development services. It is to be developed and to be worked on its problems as LC/NC are not flawless. Also, it can never completely replace coding in software development in spite of its increasing popularity.

Artificial Intelligence

As AI holds the most significance in the software sector today, the development is observed to have relied on AI and is growing. The tremendous development of some AIs has brought an ability to completely replace humans. This has brought ease and pace in delivering the custom software development services even from the offshore software development company.

Automated Code Reviews

Today’s technological landscape demands pace with perfection. The automated code reviews offer the same. In this system, the code is reviewed by device software based on predetermined ideal conditions. This eliminates human efforts and the chances of human errors. The Automated code reviews give the more appropriate review results regarding errors as compared to the review by any human technical expert. 


As most of the global development revolves around the evolution of software development, cyber-security is a huge matter of concern. The world is going more digital than ever causing the conventional methods to be no more reliable. 

Any ransomware can cost the business an amount in trillions. Hence, many security measures are introduced and tested upon each distributed custom software development service and the new strategies for security are being introduced by the specialists.

Software Quality Standards

Standing strong in the growing numbers of software companies demands the best quality standards. The trend is observed among the companies to obtain certificates of compliance like ISO/IEC27001. Such certificates assure the quality standards of the distributed software services even for the offshore software development companies.

Note – Even Stark Digital Media Services is now an ISO 27001:2013 certified company. The IT Security certificate confirms that we follow all the required data and software security norms during the development.

The compliance certificate trend will continue as it helps the company’s clients be assured of the company abiding by all the required security norms and hence brings more trust to the business.

Demand for Outsourcing

Going hand in hand with the technical advancement is the demand of today’s software development sector. However, hiring employees with a complete skillset is not necessarily the case everywhere. Especially, in the SMEs. Hence the demand for software outsourcing is observed to be raising in the small and medium-scale companies delivering the custom software development services

Here, at Stark Digital Media Services, we offer a bunch of talented developers with the skillset of your requirement to leg you up on your projects on a contractual basis through our IT Staff Augmentation Services

Along with these services, we offer the following technology solutions – PHP, WordPress, Open Source, Laravel, AngularJS, NodeJS, Ecommerce Solutions, Custom Web App Development, Native/Hybrid Mobile Apps (iOS, Android), and Digital Marketing Services.

Feel free to connect with us to propel your business in the evolving world of software development.