How to Use ChatGPT and AI for SEO Content Writing

As search engines continue to refine their algorithms to deliver more relevant and valuable content to users, the demand for high-quality, SEO-optimized content has never been greater. 

In this AI Era, many people have used ChatGPT to generate content. 

But the question is, Does AI-generated content impact SEO? 

Well, I must Say No. 

When you use it correctly, it will help you to improve your SEO. However, every advantage has its own disadvantages. This one also comes with limitations. 

Disclaimer: – You can’t completely rely on this, as the data provided on it is limited, so you always have to be careful.

Let’s check how to use ChatGPT for SEO content writing

  • Keyword Research

The keyword is crucial for the content, as it ranks the content on the search engine. It aids you in understanding the user’s needs and keeps you updated with the latest trends. ChatGPT can help you generate keywords that you may not think of. It can also help you to find long-tail keywords, which can help you target the right audience, and check the search volume and competition of the keyword. Additionally, it suggests topics to write about. 

You just need to add a prompt to the chatGPT and it will give you a list of keywords that resonate with your target audience. 

  • Finding Ideas 

If you add a prompt for a trending topic related to your business or product, ChatGPT will give you a range of topics, pick a topic which resembles your service, business also with your target audience. 

  • Write the Title and Meta-title 

We all are aware of the fact of how important titles and meta-titles are as SEO perceptive. It should be attention-grabbing and descriptive at the same time. 

You can use ChatGPT to provide suggestions for the descriptive and attention-grabbing Title and Meta description. 

However, You need to describe your topic or add a keyword, and based on that ChatGPT will provide you with several titles and descriptions. 

For example, let’s say your topic is the role of cybersecurity, you just have to add a prompt “Write 6 headings for the blog topic role of cybersecurity” and guess what within a matter of time, ChatGPT will give you ranges of titles, in which you have to choose a most similar topic. 

A similar goes with the meta-description, describe your topic to ChatGPT, put a keyword which you want to add to the description and within a second, you will get several descriptions. 

  • Drafting Outline

The outline is the skeleton of the blog, article or any content. If you want everything well structured then drafting an outline on paper before started writing a blog is the most important task you need to do. 

Well, you don’t need to worry about this much command ChatGPT to draft an outline for you. 

Eg. write – Help me draft an outline for the blog “Role of cybersecurity in web development”. 

  • Summarize blog post and URL

After drafting the outline, now it’s high time to fill that roadmap. 

ChatGPT can summarise the whole blog topic to you with just one prompt, but you can’t solely depend on it, as it provides data based on its training. 

ChatGPT 3.5 does not have access to information beyond September 2021. And it is not aware of updates after 2021.

You cannot copy and paste complete articles into ChatGPT’s free version and ask the AI to examine them because ChatGPT has a prompt character limit of 2048 characters. 

Using GPT-4 Turbo, you can process up to 300 pages of text in one go.

GPT-4’s capacity to access the internet via Bing search is one of its advantages. Therefore, you can ask it to summarize a webpage directly. 

  • Proofread your content

Proofreading is a much-needed part of content writing. 

There are chances of making a human error in content, so carefully evaluating and checking every detail is crucial for quality. 

You can ask ChatGPT to edit your content and make it concise and engaging. 

You just have to add the prompt – Proofread the given content including grammar, punctuation and make it more engaging. 

Additionally, you can check the overall tone of the content and twist as per your target audience. 

If you are struggling with the tone of content, add the prompt and ChatGPT will work for you. 

For example – If you want to make content formal or sound funny. Just one prompt and your work will done.

Best Practices for Using ChatGPT and AI in SEO Content Writing

  • Maintain Human Oversight:

While AI can streamline content creation processes, it’s essential to maintain human supervision to ensure quality, relevance, and authenticity.

  • Stay Updated with SEO Trends:

Keep up-to-date on the latest developments in SEO algorithms and best practices to adapt your content strategies accordingly.

  • Balance Automation and Creativity:

Strike a balance between leveraging AI for automation and preserving human creativity and expertise in content creation.

  • Regularly Evaluate Performance:

Continuously monitor the performance of your SEO content. Adjust your strategies based on analytics insights and feedback from users and search engines. Additionally, It is very crucial to track your content performance in Digital marketing services, which helps to refine content strategy. 

  • Ethical Considerations:

Be mindful of ethical considerations surrounding AI and data privacy, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and guidelines.


Incorporating ChatGPT and AI into your SEO content writing strategies can offer numerous benefits, including increased efficiency, scalability, and relevance. By harnessing the power of these advanced technologies, businesses can create compelling, SEO-friendly content that resonates with their target audience and drives meaningful results. However, it’s crucial to approach AI integration with careful consideration, balancing automation with human oversight and creativity. By following best practices and staying abreast of evolving SEO trends, you can leverage ChatGPT and AI to propel your content marketing efforts to new heights in the digital landscape.

Best 6 Marketing Strategies to Grow Organically in 2023

 In this ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, organic growth remains the cornerstone for sustainable success. 

Organic marketing requires the right strategy, the right tools, and dedication. With the right approach, businesses can reach their goals and achieve success.

You can grow your business organically by using these six strategies.

These strategies will help you reach your target audience, build relationships, and increase your reach. With these strategies, you can grow your business without breaking the bank.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – 

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is nothing but ranking your website for specific keywords your target audience searching for on Google. 

Adding keyword-rich content to your website will allow it to rank well in any search engine. Content is a crucial part of SEO services. Without quality content and keywords, you may find difficulty in website ranking. 

For Example, Imagine you are operating an online store of women’s ethnic wear. Your clothes are handcrafted, designer and customized. So you have to rank your website for keywords like handcrafted ethnic wear for women. Women’s designer ethnic wear, etc. 

By doing SEO you can optimize your website with keyword-rich content and can drive more organic traffic and visitors to your website. 

  • Podcast interviews – 

Podcast interviews

The podcast is the best way to establish your business presence in the market. Podcasts can be extremely beneficial for organic marketing. Some people know to listen to the podcast. By getting an interview on the podcast where you can share your expertise, you can establish your brand presence in the market. Which ultimately helps you attract new audiences. 

Find podcasts that resonate with your audience and approach the hosts to feature as a guest. Regular appearances on relevant podcasts, showcasing your expertise, can amplify your brand, resulting in heightened website traffic, increased leads, and a broader customer base.

  • Social Media –

Social Media Marketing

Social media isn’t just a platform; it is an organic marketing powerhouse that can attract numerous engaged customers to your business. Embrace it as a tool to position yourself as a subject matter expert (SME), grow a loyal following, and seamlessly convert followers into paying customers.

Daily posts with a social media marketing strategy about your services or business build trust with followers which later converts into your loyal customers. 

  • Content Marketing –

Content Marketing

Content is the foremost part of organic marketing. Content speaks directly to your customers and pulls them to your connection list you can connect them with Email, or through any engaging content. There are different types of content like infographics, E-books, whitepapers, webinars, etc. 

Content adds value to your brand. Adding content that resonates with your business brings the customers to your website and encourages them to enquire about the product. These leads later on can be converted into loyal customers. 

  • Partnership


Collaborating with businesses targeting similar ideal customers is key through partnerships. For example, if you provide online marketing for small businesses, aligning with copywriters, brand marketing and influencers within your audience sphere is crucial. This collaboration allows for backlink exchanges, mutual newsletter features, and lead sharing, fostering heightened brand visibility and a consistent stream of potential clientele.

This can help to expand your reach and create meaningful connections with prospective clients. Additionally, it can also help to create a sense of community among your partners and potential customers.

  • Email Marketing –

Email Marketing

Lastly, email marketing is one more organic marketing strategy. As a final strategy of organic marketing, there are many more to consider.

Email marketing is about connecting with your audience through emails and newsletters. Building a list of interested individuals is just the start. Consistently reaching out with newsletters, offers, and subscriptions is key. Answering queries and sharing valuable insights fosters trust, eventually turning leads into devoted customers.


Successful organic growth in 2023 depends on a holistic approach that integrates these strategies seamlessly. The synergy between content excellence, user-centricity, community building, influencers, data-driven insights, and ethical branding creates a robust ecosystem for sustained organic growth.

Adaptation and agility are essential in the digital marketing landscape. Continuously assess and refine these strategies to align with evolving consumer behaviours and market dynamics. 

By adopting these six core strategies, businesses can foster organic growth, strengthen their brand presence, and cultivate a loyal customer base in 2023 and beyond.

How Will AI Impact The Future Of SEO?

AI is the technology used to analyze data and produce results that are appropriate for decision-making in a variety of domains.

Therefore, it appears inevitable that optimum SEO strategies will be influenced by technology in the coming year of 2023, if not even dictated by it. 

Future of SEO and AI: Impacts

  • High-quality and pertinent Content

In particular for SEO, content reigns supreme in marketing. Quality and relevance are key when it comes to content. When a user searches on Google, the search engine’s algorithm employs natural language processing, or NLP, to display the most pertinent results.

In addition, Google’s algorithms are always improving to comprehend things at a deeper level. Consequently, you would have to provide more pertinent content based on platforms, devices, trends, and formats.

A lot of AI-based content-writing tools that create text based on user input have recently flooded the market. By using artificial intelligence technology, AI writers might be able to write prose that sounds like it was written by a human. AI writing tools are fantastic for companies that engage in content marketing.

  • Increasing the value of visual content

The SEO specialist predicts that visual content will become more influential in the future. Additionally, we are aware of how adept Google’s algorithms are in deciphering visual, audio, and video content. Google is becoming more adept at assessing visual content, which is becoming increasingly important.

The AI-enhanced Google algorithm may make visual material a more important ranking factor in the future.

Therefore, when developing visual material, artists must take SEO ranking factors into account. Similar to how writers of material must enhance headings and keywords to get Google’s favor in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

  • Ranking Prediction

On-page optimization, social signals, and backlinks are the factors that impact SEO ranking. With so many variables, it will be challenging to pinpoint which one influences SEO ranking.

AI-based tools are quite useful in these circumstances. It forecasts each of these elements and how they will affect rankings. This knowledge then aids in creating methods that are efficient and more likely to achieve the top position.

  • Competition analyzing 

You must always keep an eye on your SEO efforts if you want to maintain a competitive edge. As a result, you must keep track of any changes and assess how they affect your website or SEO.

There are many AI-based products available on the market that can help you with this, but they currently require a lot of manual work.

A cutting-edge AI-based solution will do all the labor-intensive work for you in the future. It will keep track of all the adjustments and assess their potential effects on the website.

  • Improving voice search

Voice search has grown significantly over the past several years and is now the main method of conducting searches. AI and voice search together will result in extraordinary changes. Optimizing for voice search will be an important ranking element.

However, voice search poses an additional difficulty because the search phrases are more diversified and expressed differently. Since AI is already able to recognize that questions like these are all pointing in the same direction, it would be prudent to consider some initial hand-holding.

  • SEO Strategies

SEO is complicated since it combines on-page optimization, keyword research, and backlinking. By automating every step of the SEO process, AI-based tools make it easy.

Less well-known AI-based SEO tools evaluate data and workflows.

The use of AI-based tools and machine learning in the SEO industry is becoming more intrepid. How well these technologies work in helping businesses rank higher on SERPs will be determined over the next few years. The future of SEO appears to be very bright when AI tools are used properly.

  • Ranking stability and consistency

One of the greatest issues with SEO that makes tracking rank tough is ranking fluctuation. AI has the potential to tackle this issue quickly. AI aids in stabilizing rankings and preserving a more constant position in SERP.

SEO tactics will be significantly impacted by Artificial Intelligence. The way businesses approach SEO and how businesses help them achieve better outcomes will change as a result. AI will enable businesses to dominate the SERPs and stay one step ahead of their competitors.

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Check out the digital marketing services that we offer for you. A leading provider of online marketing services, Stark Digital has been recognized for its excellence.

Why We Prefer Laravel Over Other PHP Framework


Laravel provides an organized way of coding. The root directory of the Laravel provides various directories such as an app, bootstrap, resources, etc. To increase the scalability of the website Laravel is better than Symfony. The average loading speed of the website with Laravel is 60ms whereas the speed of Symfony is about 250ms. We want every website that we develop to be upscale and exclusive and Laravel gives us what we expect.

Laravel is a combination of all PHP frameworks. It provides many reliable applications like Superb IoC, convenient migration system and integrated system for module testing. Yii, on the other hand, is a high-performance PHP framework that can be used for the fast development of all modern applications.



Secured platform

We make sure that our client gets a secured website. Laravel is more secure as compared to other PHP frameworks. If we use Laravel then securing the website becomes easy with some reliable technique. In this platform, the password will never be saved in the form of a simple text in the database. It generates the token when a user logs-in to get the unauthorized access of the web page. This platform also uses the Bcrypt hashing algorithm to create an encrypted password. Laravel provides 9 security features and they are as follow:

  1. Passwords Reminders and Rest
  2. Encryption
  3. Manually Logging in
  4. Users Authentication
  5. Users Protecting Routes
  6. HTTP Basic Authentications
  7. Authentication Drivers
  8. Configuration
  9. Storing Passwords

Packaging System 

The important part of any PHP framework is the packaging system. A packaging system manages the libraries and multiple support software that assist the web applications to automate the task. Packages are the best ways to boost the development process. As the development process gets faster we get plenty of time to focus on the rest of the development process. Laravel utilizes a composer that performs as a redundancy manager to manage all the information required to handle packages. Some of the best packages are Laravel IDE helper, Debug bar and Image.


 Artisan Console

Artisan is the command-line interface of Laravel that is used for database migrations, package assets, generating and seeding boilerplate code for migrations, models and new controllers. The use of artisan makes our team of developers free from developing proper code skeletons. By implementing new custom commands we can extend the capabilities and functionality of Artisan.


At Stark Digital Media, we aim to deliver a product that satisfies the client in all manners. Laravel has many aspects that make it eligible to choose many PHP frameworks.