Why We Prefer Laravel Over Other PHP Framework

Laravel is one of the top PHP framework as it creates dominance in many ways. Over these years we mastered the art of developing so many websites that never fail to surprise our client with an eye-catching website. Here are some reasons why we prefer Laravel over other PHP frameworks.

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Why We Prefer Laravel Over Other PHP Framework


Laravel provides an organized way of coding. The root directory of the Laravel provides various directories such as an app, bootstrap, resources, etc. To increase the scalability of the website Laravel is better than Symfony. The average loading speed of the website with Laravel is 60ms whereas the speed of Symfony is about 250ms. We want every website that we develop to be upscale and exclusive and Laravel gives us what we expect.

Laravel is a combination of all PHP frameworks. It provides many reliable applications like Superb IoC, convenient migration system and integrated system for module testing. Yii, on the other hand, is a high-performance PHP framework that can be used for the fast development of all modern applications.



Secured platform

We make sure that our client gets a secured website. Laravel is more secure as compared to other PHP frameworks. If we use Laravel then securing the website becomes easy with some reliable technique. In this platform, the password will never be saved in the form of a simple text in the database. It generates the token when a user logs-in to get the unauthorized access of the web page. This platform also uses the Bcrypt hashing algorithm to create an encrypted password. Laravel provides 9 security features and they are as follow:

  1. Passwords Reminders and Rest
  2. Encryption
  3. Manually Logging in
  4. Users Authentication
  5. Users Protecting Routes
  6. HTTP Basic Authentications
  7. Authentication Drivers
  8. Configuration
  9. Storing Passwords

Packaging System 

The important part of any PHP framework is the packaging system. A packaging system manages the libraries and multiple support software that assist the web applications to automate the task. Packages are the best ways to boost the development process. As the development process gets faster we get plenty of time to focus on the rest of the development process. Laravel utilizes a composer that performs as a redundancy manager to manage all the information required to handle packages. Some of the best packages are Laravel IDE helper, Debug bar and Image.


 Artisan Console

Artisan is the command-line interface of Laravel that is used for database migrations, package assets, generating and seeding boilerplate code for migrations, models and new controllers. The use of artisan makes our team of developers free from developing proper code skeletons. By implementing new custom commands we can extend the capabilities and functionality of Artisan.


At Stark Digital Media, we aim to deliver a product that satisfies the client in all manners. Laravel has many aspects that make it eligible to choose many PHP frameworks.

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