Over the period of six years

We have 92% repeat business
500+ happy partners

Our Advantages


Cost Advantages

Who wouldn't love to save up-to 60% of development and infrastructure cost, sure you do. Multiple & complicated IT operations can be performed with off-shore partner at a consistent and reasonable cost. This will let you refocus on core business activities that are important without sacrificing quality.


Staffing Flexibility

Strategic partnership with Stark will let you handle changing demands of skilled resources and also Temporary Peaks in Staffing, Technical Expertise, Contract Staffing, Hire Dedicated Resources etc. By opting for such refined formats it is possible to reduce labor problems and relative cost.


Swiftness and Expertise

Sometimes you don't have a specific set of skills or tools to achieve a business function, but your development partner might have the same better than you. This will speed up the project effectively with no compromise in quality. Standard practices and methodologies followed to ensure smooth transaction.