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Search Engine Marketing Services

Investment in PPC campaign always pays off the great interest. You can generate high quality traffic with PPC advertising and it is one of the quickest and easiest ways. SEM is not like SEO and social media which can take between weeks to months to show returns, PPC gives you an instant online presence. If are looking for profitable results in no time, then our pay-per-click advertising services are the ideal solution.

We offer PPC advertising services for all types of businesses. That’s what makes us unique we don’t just provide services to e-commerce or those who sell products online. We perform search engine marketing campaign for individuals such as Lawyers, doctors, car repair shops, and pretty much any other business can take advantage of pay-per-click services.  It doesn’t matter what you sell as long as your clients are searching for you online.

Why SEM?

Why Prefer SEM Services

image-of-Keyword Research
Keyword Research

Researched keywords that have the highest search count. Targets the most effective and high-ROI search for terms.

image-of-Ad Creation
Ad Creation

With innovation and available data, you can create compelling ad copy that attracts the right customers.

image-of-Landing Page Review
Landing Page Review

Create impressive landing page and maximizes sales conversions once visitors click your ad.

image-of-Account Setup
Account Setup

Setup Google PPC campaign we take care of all the setup and administration details.

image-of-Tracking & Analysis Testing 
Tracking & Analysis Testing 

A great way to know wheatear you are on correct track or not gets a small-scale campaign testing to ensure the viability

image-of-Performance Monitoring
Performance Monitoring

Ensures your campaign’s performance with an efficient performance monitoring tool


Client Speaks

Stark Digital has helped us with our niche travel business targeting the English outbound market into Spain. Earlier this year, we got in touch with stark and hired them for SEM services to improve our rankings in the major search engines. The team exceeded our expectations increasing our volume of traffic five-fold. I will definitely recommend to other companies who wish to gain a competitive advantage relative to their competitors.


Christian Ryan , MD

For the small amount of investment the results far exceed any traditional form of marketing you will undertake. Well done Stark Digital and we look forward to continuing to utilize your services in the future.


Cory Jackson , CEO

Our problems were specific. We gave them two versions of the home page as well as loads of pdf document. None of these could be taken down and posed a problem for the SEO companies. That is before we pitched to PageTraffic. They made no bones about it and as a result of their efforts we continue to be at top.


Ernie White , CTO

Our Work

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Our Work

Our Expertise

Pad Link

A platform get an insight about off-campus housing

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Our Work

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Me Time

An event management app that is for women .

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Our Work

Our Expertise

Liban Car

A platform to search and find a used vehicle.

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Our team has experience of working for big companies as well as for small businesses. It’s our responsibility to help you reach your goals.

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Ans: Search engine marketing is like a pyramid term for referring to all activities that required generating visibility in search engine results in order to increase revenue. Some of the common strategies and tactics include search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, link development, and pay-per-click (PPC) management.

Ans: According to research it is clear that a high percentage of the developed world is online.  You can attract your potential customers, partners, employees, and shareholders from online platforms. Search engine marketing is not only one of the fastest-growing and popular new marketing channels available, but it’s also the most cost-effective (as compared to other channels—online and offline alike—like email, direct mail, and broadcast). Search engine marketing is an excellent way of brand building and is a cost-effective means of generating leads and online sales. It is very important to have an SEM strategy. If your company doesn’t currently have a search engine marketing strategy, you really need to think about it.   We recommend you to do a search online for your own company, your competitors, and your industry terms and see for yourself.

Ans: Search engine marketing efforts are highly measurable. If you aim at generating awareness, you can keep track of “impressions” and “clicks” on organic and paid search engine listings. You can measure the performance of text ad creative, you can measure “click-through” and “conversion” rates. If you focus at generating quality leads, you can track online registrations (for newsletters, events or white papers), downloads (trials or demos), or email inquiries. If you want to track sales performance, you can track eCommerce sales or offline sales via printable coupons or phone call tracking

Ans:  As long as your company is headquartered somewhere deep in the forest and your customers are other cavemen, it’s very likely that your company will generate benefit from some aspect of search engine marketing, whether search engine optimization (SEO) or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. It is not a matter whether you aim at generating online—awareness, new recruits, strategic partners, investors, leads, or sales—search engine marketing is able to generate an opportunity to improve your bottom line.

Ans: In general, most companies are likely to prefer to outsource their search engine marketing efforts to SEM agencies to ensure their campaigns are properly managed and remain cutting-edge. Larger companies tend to have an in-house resource like a Webmaster or Digital Marketing Manager who is responsible for implementing search engine marketing programs, but oftentimes this person still outsources her day-to-day SEM activities to a trusted vendor in order to free up her time to educate and manage internal resources, develop long-term strategies, and create optimized content. Factors that may affect the decision process include objectives, timeline, available marketing budget, and internal resources.

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Our Achievements

  • 2012 Awarded as a best web development agency by the state government.

  • 100% Job completion rate on Upwork

  • Contribution to WP community by developing 5 plugins

  • We have built a premium wordpress theme on ThemeForest