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Stark Digital Media Services provides mobile development solutions which help businesses increase user engagement and customer satisfaction. Xamarin is a cross-platform development app that saves the development time that is required to develop an app for two different platforms.  With our app target audience can access the company’s services anytime they want. With the team that has a deep understanding of standards and practices of Xamarin app development, we motive are to help organizations to create solutions that best align with their business strategies.

Xamarin is an advanced cross-platform that is used for cross-platform mobile app development. Xamarin gives an average of 75% of shared code and reduces development time by more than 60%. We are the Xamarin app development company that intends to assist clients in building innovative products to capture the market in a better manner.

Why Xamarin

Why Prefer Xamarin Development Services

image-of-Cross Platform Development
Cross Platform Development

Sometimes a client has to compromise with a budget and limited budget decide to develop an app only on one platform.

image-of-Flawless UI
Flawless UI

Xamarin has effective design tools. It helps designers to create flawless UIs and user experiences with Xamarin Studio and the Microsoft Visual Studio environment.

image-of-Effective offline applications
Effective offline applications

This is the best part of Xamarin development services. It allows you to use the mobile application without an internet connection.

image-of-Saves Money
Saves Money

When you are developing an app on a cross-platform it is obviously going to save your money by hiring a developer with Xamarin expertise

image-of-Saves Time
Saves Time

If you decide to develop an app separately for Android and iOS, it will cost you not only money but time as well. Xamarin kills the time-consuming process

image-of-Support many library
Support many library

Xamarin allows the developer to use CSS libraries, It lets developers implement the most complicated functionality with minimal effort.


Client Speaks

"Stark Digital Media services went above and beyond the expectation in terms of the Xamarin app Development Services. They developed a remarkably robust and functionality wise great platform. They can handle issues promptly and the team proved their excellence in terms of project management and communication skills."


Patricia Gabriel , Sales Manager

"I can't even explain with how impressed I am with their xamarin app development services. I would have been satisfied if they had delivered what they had sold me, but this service goes above and beyond."


Roberta Fox, Technical Head

"There are plenty of other companies that deliver great quality work, but the reason why I'm talking about Stark Technologies is because I believe their project management and their communication saves me money."


Lavinia Scrutinize , Team leader

Our Work

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Our Work

Our Expertise

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A platform to search and find a used vehicle.

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Our Work

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Pad Link

A platform get an insight about off-campus housing

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Our Work

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Yours Humanly

A Platform to help less fortunate students

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Our team has experience of working for big companies as well as for small businesses. It’s our responsibility to help you reach your goals.

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Ans: Xamarin gives great native mobile user experiences that have the power to transform customer relationships and employee productivity. Xamarin is not like other cross-platform mobile frameworks that only offer lowest and very common experiences through UI abstraction libraries. Xamarin makes 100% of the iOS and Android APIs available with the help of native bindings. Our team of Xamarin developers delivers high performance with native experiences and also shares between 60 and 100% of their source code across platforms.

Ans: Yes you can! Xamarin App development services are not like other cross-platform frameworks, The Xamarin app that we develop is compiled to a native binary, not interpreted. The Xamarin app gives Native compilation that gives users brilliant app performance. We can use this for even the most demanding scenarios like high frame rate gaming and complex data visualizations

Ans: The native is the one that runs ‘natively’. What exactly the native app means is the app talks directly to the operating system and utilizes the full capabilities of the phone or tablet. The app that Runs within ’emulators’ on the phone is the alternatives systems. We, at Stark Digital Media Services, believe in writing code for native apps and getting the maximum performance and flexibility from each device.

Ans: The It skills varies from client to client. The client want to have different levels of involvement, but as a minimum, we require that clients make time to help define the specification, sign-off key documents and we will get in touch with you if we require any help.

Ans: The Xamarin app development services that we provide are maintainable and suitable for our clients to maintain in-house even with less technical knowledge. There is also a way of ongoing maintenance and enhancements can be done by getting in touch with our project manager.

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  • 2012 Awarded as a best web development agency by the state government.

  • 100% Job completion rate on Upwork

  • Contribution to WP community by developing 5 plugins

  • We have built a premium wordpress theme on ThemeForest