8 Perks of Using Xamarin for Mobile Application Development

Mobile applications have a crucial impact and importance in today’s human world. As the technology managed to fit the complete world in the very handy device of mobile, the mobile applications have brought ease and efficiency in the use of tech facilities. 

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8 Perks of Using Xamarin for Mobile Application Development

This escalated efficiency and use have brought a lot of pace to mobile application development. In this rush, the choice of the most efficient mobile application development framework caught a lot of significance. Among all, the Xamarin development services aced at many parts. Hence, here we are going to see the benefits of opting for the best Xamarin development services for mobile application development. 

Why choose Xamarin?

Easy to Use 

Developing an app on Xamarin is comparatively easier than on other frameworks. Xamarin development services mainly use C# and the.NET frameworks which are the most trusted in the programming world for all the mobile platforms. Another reason behind the ease of mobile app development using Xamarin is that it is written in a single programing language – C#.

Faster Development Process

The use of C# in Xamarin allows sharing an average of 90% of code on multiple mobile platforms to speed up the engineering cycle and takes less time to develop a mobile app. Using Xamarin, the developers can create a code and reuse most of it on the other platforms as well. This is the important factor in the faster development process Xamarin development company offers. 

Modern Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Xamarin mobile development services use extensive solutions for testing and monitoring purposes. These extensive solutions include the use of a modern Integrated Development Environment (IDE) i.e Visual Studio on Windows, and Visual Studio for Mac on macOS. These modern IDEs have the following features –

  • Code auto-completion
  • Comprehensive project template library
  • Sophisticated project and solution management system
  • Integrated source control

Integrated Ahead of Time (AOT) Compiler

Ahead of Time Compilation is the compilation process of higher-level programming languages or the intermediate representations into the native i.e the system-dependent machine codes. The use of an integrated AOT compiler in Xamarin mobile development services reduces the start-up time and app performance. 

Open Source

Xamarin is an open-source platform by Microsoft that serves the purpose of keeping the shared code and platform code in communication. The open-source technology of Xamarin offers higher flexibility to choose components as per your requirement. 

Note – Xamarin is a San-Francisco-based software development company founded in 2011 and was acquired by Microsoft later in 2014. 

Microsoft’s support for this open-source platform stands as a huge benefit in mobile app development. 

Cost-effective and Time-saving

As we discussed above, Xamarin uses a single technological stack and reusable code which significantly decreases the time and efforts that are to be invested in the development. The requirement for multiple teams is eliminated due to the streamlined process. This is how the Xamarin development companies save on the additional expenses. 

Easy to Maintain

The reusable code derivates more and more benefit from the best Xamarin development services. In the maintenance and up-gradation process, updating the change in the source code automatically implements the update in all the other codes. This saves on the engagement of time, money and development effort and brings ease to the maintenance of the mobile app developed using Xamarin mobile development services

Multiple Platform Support

Xamarin provides a cross-platform development solution for mobile, tablet, and desktop applications allowing to write cross-platform yet native applications for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Considering the investment costs by the client and Xamarin development company, it is important to make sure that the application acquires a huge reach and that many people use it. Hence, creating the applications supported by multiple platforms ensures that you and your client will stay ahead on technological grounds. 

When to consider using the Xamarin platform?

  • When you want to simplify and speed up the mobile app development process 
  • When you don’t want to compromise the development quality due to a little tight hand on time and budget
  • When you want to bring ease to the maintenance and modification of your codes

What do we offer?

Here at Stark Digital Media Services, we offer the best Xamarin development services along with many other development solutions that help businesses increase user engagement and customer satisfaction. Connect with us today for the most efficient and ever-evolved software solutions. 

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