2020 Stark – Year In Review 

The year 2020 has been a rollercoaster ride for everyone around the globe. The difference being – for some people it has been an adventurous joy ride while for others, it might not have worked out. We here at Stark Digital Media happen to linger in the former category. Gazing towards the brighter horizon and focusing on the positive notes has been our motto for 2020, as it has been a prosperous business year for us all. We commenced our year with the idea of STARK 2.0 wherein we planned to implement our development and expansion with passion while delivering excellent returns to our clients.


Every year we aim for a powerful goal and make sure that we achieve it with efforts and coordination. We believe in accomplishing our yearly objectives through hustling that guides us to build our legacy along the way. The pandemic has been harsh on businesses across the oceans, surviving was the main purpose for many, but we invariably lookout for opportunities that strengthen our business.

We not just survived, but rather outperformed our initial time planner. When the world was experiencing a recession, we concentrated on developing our business to suit the current market demand. Foreseeing the future and acting according to the need is a skill that we have sharpened over time. The decisions that we take directly associate us with our clients and hence we execute them precisely – in a manner that benefits everyone in the long-run.

Our foresight on the decision of setting up work-from-home even before the pandemic – turned out to be propitious. While many businesses let people go, we hired for more. In fact, we have crossed our benchmark by signing off on one of our biggest deals this year – we are setting up new bars for us to surpass.


Adapting towards a situation that has minimum positive outcomes and making the most of it has basically been the overall review. Our expansion this year has been commendable, we developed teams that will boost our results. Restructured our company core and implemented disciplinary values. Our growth can be linked with spreadsheets of different genres, beginning with the enlargement of development departments that overlook various other technologies. We are following the industry footprints in the analytical domain – stepping up our progress when it comes to interactive behavior with data science. We have practically doubled over in volume with zero layoffs, our hiring team has been loaded with work. The virtual working module was highly effective as we enjoyed festivals and events online – our anniversary celebration on 24th April was a reminder that our SHOW MUST GO ON. With smooth work execution and clients being our priority we have made it past 2020 with a wide grin on our faces.


Team building is crucial, and we give importance to every aspect that enhances our company values. Organizing events online for our employees that benefit them and executing the theory of a safe, comfortable and productive work environment was the highlight for us. Like every other software that needs an update to run effectively, we believe in updating ourselves to stay on top of our game. We look forward to enhancing our version of STARK 2.0 with the coming New Year. As they say, “Let go of what’s gone, be grateful for what remains, look forward to what’s coming.” We look forth towards 2021 with aspiration and as a new beginning for favorable gains.