National Sales Person Day

National Sales Person Day

National Sales Person Day 2020

Yes, you got the heading right. It’s officially the day where you take a moment and express gratitude towards the salespeople who enhance our consumer experience. From a local salesperson to a swanky software sales team, everyone’s here to improvise the customer reach.

Currently, it’s the holiday season and everyone’s looking out for discounts along with quick and easy checkout options. There’s never really a quiet moment in a sales person’s life, especially with people buzzing around with various queries for the whole day. This is exactly where the expertise of a salesperson comes in – powerful communication skills, the swift time management and the objection handling capacity. You name it; they got it! The second Sunday of December, this day is meant to acknowledge the excellence and commitment of all the professional salespeople and the challenging responsibilities that they fulfill.

Salespeople are habitual multi-taskers with swift improvisation skills. As Jeffrey Gitomer, author of the book ‘The Sales Bible’ says, “Great salespeople are relationship builders who provide value and help their customers win.” This one’s unquestionably a game-changer. Have you ever observed how well a salesperson talks with you? Definitely, the intention is to retain regular customers, but building a personal connection and having your customers come back – that requires expertise and talent.

Sales person day

Salespeople have different approaches, starting from local – small business owners to big-budget companies – everyone has their customer reach and sales strategies. Ryan Gum, the CEO of Attach shares his first sales story with InsightSquared where he says, “To ask someone who doesn’t know you to take a bet on a completely unproven product is a tough sell. With no sales process in place, we started by sending out 10 personalized emails to target customers. Out of 10, 2 of them replied. One of them said ‘Sounds interesting, let’s talk in 6 months.’ 6 months? We hadn’t even been around 6 weeks! The other one ended up becoming our first client.”