Why Laravel is ruling the web development

It is a difficult task to pick the right PHP web development framework for your business from the many available options. Making the right selection of a language is one of the important things as your choice may affect the end product.

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Why Laravel is ruling the web development

Laravel is leading in the entire framework including CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Symfony, Zend, and Yii. Its incredible features are the reason for the huge popularity and this is why many businesses are opting for Laravel API. We will look at all the important aspects that make the Laravel important for website development.

Object-oriented libraries

Laravel has plenty of pre-installed object-oriented libraries which is missing in other PHP frameworks. The authentication library is a popular library and easy to implement pre-installed library which has many features like password reset, checking active users, Bcrypt hashing, encryption, and CSRF (cross-site request forgery) protection.

MVC support

The MVC architecture of Laravel like Symfony can be used to get a clear view of a logical representation of the language. It can also be used to enhance the website by allowing better documentation and rendering multifarious inbuilt functionalities.

Authorization process

It is easy to implement authentication techniques with Laravel where everything is configured in a good manner.

It is also easy for the developers to use the Laravel framework to organize authorized logic and control access to the resources.

Database migration

One of the main tasks for the developers is to keep the database in sync. The Laravel database migration makes it flawless and easy to implement. By making an entire database in sync makes it easy to migrate to another database platform that you want.


One of the best built-in tools of the Laravel is an artisan. It is used for the command line that easily creates a Laravel environment. The best part of using this tool is that it allows many repetitive programming tasks to be performed manually.

Deployment with Enveyor 

Conveyor is a PHP deployment tool that helps deliberately to run Laravel applications. With this tool, one can easily deploy the updated code and also manage the installation of Laravel code repositories. We can also clone appropriate folders.


The important factor to look for in every platform is security. The important part of Laravel is that it takes the utmost care of security through a password. It never saves a password saved as plain text in the database. The bcrypt hashing algorithm plays a big role in generating encrypted passwords.


The benefits of Laravel are endless. Laravel offers something new and useful with every update. It helps create some of the best web applications by using an impressive and simple syntax. We choose Laravel over the other framework to enhance website usability.

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